Monday, December 04, 2006

What I'm Getting Wednesday

Before I make my weekly little prequel I wanted to say that I was beat after freezing my tail off watching the Redskins get beat at FedEx field. As I'm a Ravens fan I was not concerned, but it was cold out there. I'm also watching Season 2 of Lost and love this show as a DVD experience, but would hate to watch it weekly.

Back to my regular Monday blog.

52 - This series has really been fun, but the prospect of DC and Marvel both doing some weekly bullshit after this is over scares me.

Atom - Gail Simone is a great super hero writer and this book is just another case in point.

Batman:Confidential #1 - No expectations and appears to almost be a make over for Legends (which I hear has been cancelled), but with Andy Diggle and Whilce Portacio as the creative team I have hopes for this book.

Desolation Jones - The Warren Ellis year continues, Next Wave, Fell and this book are all excellent Warren Ellis written projects.

Detective Comics - I believe Paul Dini is back as writer, which is good as the fill in was barely adequate. I wonder how long Dini will treat us to the endless reintroduction of the rogues gallery. I want more continuity and more of a direction for Batman. The book has been better then it was before the one year later jump, but it still needs to be more.

Exterminators - A severely under looked Vertigo series. Possibly the second best ongoing from Vertigo.

Jonah Hex - A strong candidate for a series of the year nod.

JSA - The re-launch of the JSA. As I liked the book before the re-launch was a shocker, but with Johns staying at the helm this should be a good series.

Manhunter - She's back for a six issue arc and then her fate will be up in the air again. I hope this series makes it as it has been a solid series all the way through its run.

Mystery In Space - Love this book by Jim Starlin and Shane Davis for the lead feature of Captain Comet and Starlin and Milgrom for the Weird. Very enjoyable mini-series.

Nightwing - A book to look forward to again. Enjoying Marv Wolfman getting back into the groove. The second issue was better then his first and I hope issue 3 is another step up.

Other Side - Interesting mini-series from Vertigo on the Viet Nam war.

Outsiders - This book has been my favorite modern day team book since the one year later jump. Winick has really upped his game of this and Green Arrow.

Showcase Shazam - 500 plus black and white old time Captain Marvel material.

Supergirl - Last issue put me off this book again, we shall see where we go this issue. I have been very hot and cold on this book.

Superman Confidential - CAN'T WAIT. Loved issue #1. Darwyn Cooke and Tim Sale has to be good.

Tranquility - More Gail Simone! First issue, I believe it is an old age home for super-heroes as the setting. Should be fun and give Gail a lot of room to do the humor material she handles so well.

Agents of Atlas - Jeff Parker and Leonard Kirk has made me love the old 50's era Timely heroes. Nice mini-series.

Avengers:Earth's Mightiest Heroes - A fun update/revamp of the Avengers from the early Vision era.

Dr. Strange - A decent little mini-series. Loved to see Dr. Strange back as an unlimited series with the right team.

Essential Defenders - 500 plus black and white pages of the Defenders!

Hulk - I'm getting tired of Planet Hulk, but at least the end is near.

Ant-Man - I have actually dropped this book, but will probably still pick up issue #3.

NewUniversal - Warren Ellis tackles the old "new universe" from Marvel that dies. Has potential.

Ultimate Vision - Because Mike Carey is writing it.

Uncanny X-Men - Brubaker's lamest work right now. So much of what he does is good and this is just okay.

White Tiger #2 - First issue was ho-hum, let's see how issue #2 is.

Cross Bronx - Last issue of this little mini-series by Oeming. I have enjoyed it, dark little crime/supernatural tale.

Invincible - Always a great read. Robert Kirkman at his absolute best.

Hero Squared - Giffen/DeMatteis with Joe Abraham as artist. Fun series, really the best sitcom around right now.

Another fine week of entertainment.


  1. I just re-read Manhunter #1-25 last night since I sold it on ebay and wanted to refresh myself on the series (I'll eventually just pick up the trades). Excellent series. I really hope its sales pick up as I'd hate to see this book cnacelled. Although Kate as a semi-regular Bird of Prey would be a good consolation prize!

  2. Good lord!!! Will there be anything left on the shelf that you won't be reading???

  3. Lee - even worse I just remembered Spider-Man Reign is coming out and I' adding Nightly News to my list, so I think that officially covers everything this week.