Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Plastic Army Men

When you have kids, sometimes it’s all about having fun. Unfortunately, fun sometimes interferes with other activities. You know, activities such as calming down because it’s bedtime and you need to settle down so you can go to sleep.

Anyway, it's hard to believe but I got in trouble again. And, before we get started, it should be noted that I am completely innocent!!!

The other night, we were getting the kids ready for bed and the girls wanted to read a story. The Boy could care less about a story because he got a package of those little, plastic army men from the dollar store and he wanted to play with them. Since the girls were in Tiny’s room, I felt it best that I stay with Boy. I feel strongly that no one should hang out by themselves before bedtime. ESPECIALLY if there are tiny toy army men involved.

It started simply enough with lining them up and knocking them down but something was missing. I noticed Boy didn't have proper "plastic army man" vocabulary. Luckily, with this golden opportunity to have some quality bonding time with my son, I could fulfill a fatherly obligation to teach him all the proper army men sayings. There was the ever popular “Fire in the hole!” followed by large explosion noises. And, the really popular, “DIE EVIL SCUM” followed by lots of bang-bang-bang gunshots. And of course, all such sayings and all such noises were followed by a round of giggles.

It should be noted that the latter saying will get a “I hope you’re not teaching our son bad words in there” from Mom. I, of course, took the high road “The Boy said it first”

Needless to say, it became evident that we needed bigger and better explosions. Then I noticed the dinosaur. Then I noticed the ruler. And then the explosions really started.

You can see the assembly in the photos. And, I should note, giggles quickly turn to gales of laughter (from everyone) when little army men get exploded all the way to the ceiling.

It should also be noted that exploding army men just before bedtime will definitely get you a private talk after the kids go to bed. Such phrases as “You are supposed to be calming them down” and “What exactly were you thinking” might be heard.

But, that's the price one pays to be "the cool parent".

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  1. It's far more than the price you pay for being the cool parent.
    Every talking-to you'll ever get for doing something that might not have been the best of choices from an adults point of view, but surely will be looked upon as some of the most enjoyable moments spent together, is so totally worth it =)