Monday, March 17, 2008

What I’m Getting Wednesday


Okay, once again this is not too bad of a week for me. The cuts in my list are paying dividends as Programme, Incredible Hercules and Amazing Spider-Man all stay on the shelf and a $3 a pop, that is close to 2 ½ gallons of gas for my car. Also I have been harder on new series as I dropped Last Defenders from last week after one issue and have added Young Liars to my drop list upon re-evaluation of that book. Of course new stuff comes out almost every week so that can always fill the list right back up. The market share report this week is DC 44% (15 items), Independents 32% (11 items) and Marvel 24% (8 items).

Batman and the Outsiders #5 – This series just needs to get better. I love Chuck Dixon and the idea of Batman running an Outsiders group again is cool, but the book is going nowhere fast. It is hard for me to cut a book where I like the writer, the characters and the art is solid, but it is just leaving me flat.

Batman The Killing Joke Hard Cover Special Edition – They added an extra story to give some more length to this book, but I hope like heck that this book has better paper in it. DC is going to force me to wait to see a hard cover before buying it if they continue to not solicit what type of paper it has in it.

Birds of Prey #116 – Lady Blackhawk has been subverted and turn into a villain know as Queen Shark, at the same time Oracle is trying to resolve computer problems with magic. I love this series and it just seems that whoever writes this book brings their “A” game.

Brave and Bold #11 – Geroge Perez has left as artist, but Jerry Ordway is a perfect replacement. This issue we have Superman versus Ultra Man as the “Book of Destiny” story continues. This series can usually be read as a one and done if you really want to, but also has a good over all plot line.

Catwoman #77– She is still on the “Salvation Run” planet, but after last issue this book is still working even with a mandated event. I have gone from thinking this idea hurt this book to being impressed by Will Pfeifer making it work. Catwoman has been and continues to be an extremely consistently well done series.

Countdown to Final Crisis #6– At this point I really do not have much left to say about this series. It will go down as one of the biggest disappointments from DC comics, but you take that type of chance when you commit to this type of story and doing it as a weekly. So kudos to DC for taking the chance.

Checkmate #24 – The last arc by Greg Rucka. We are wrapping up the Kobra story line that has been part of this series almost from the beginning. Checkmate has been a nice mixture of characterization, politics, spying and super hero adventure. Greg’s will be hard to replace on this book.

Death of the New Gods #7 (of 8) – Jim Starlin continues to explore the end of the Fourth World. This type of cosmic story line has been Starlin’s bread and butter for years, yet he still does it well. I’m anxious to see what revelations are coming at the end of this series and if Mister Miracle can pull it together enough to try and save the day.

Flash #238 – Tom Peyer joins as the new writer as Freddie Williams II continues as the artist. The return of Wally has lost a little of its buzz, but I think Tom Peyer should bring great things to this book. Tom has been off my radar for a few years but I always enjoyed his work before and have high hopes for his return.

Justice League of America #19 – This is a surprising issue as the premise is the JLA turn themselves into the government to be sent to the prison planet of “Salvation Run”. Not sure how this will all tie-in, but at least we have a full issue and not two half books as we had the last two issues.

Robin #172– This series is definitely moving along again. While I think continuity plays a role in comic books, it should not be the end all and be all of everything. The fact that this series almost exist on an island unto itself is fine by me. We have Robin’s personal life and heroic life both being explored and the Spoiler mystery lurking in the near term future.

Shadowpact #23 – This series comes to a conclusion with issue #25. I'm very happy it lasted almost 2 years. In today’s market place a book about Nightmaster, Detective Chimp. Enchantress and some other “C” list characters, two years is a good run. After following comics as long as I have you expect this to happen to a lot of smaller series and enjoy them while they last.

Superman / Batman Annual #2 – This could be fun as Joe Kelly (writer) and Scott Kolins (artist) do an updated version of the Nova story line from World’s Finest #178. That character was recently used in 52 and must have been Grant Morrison’s idea as he has been raiding the silver age for great story ideas for awhile. I admire how Grant can take a concept or a character that is just laughable by today’s standards and turn it around.

Tangent Superman’s Reign #1 (of 12) – I’m looking forward to this series as I always believed these characters had a lot of potential. I’m avoiding most of the hype about it, as I want to come into the story with few pre-conceived notions. Of course as a twelve issue mini-series it needs to start off good or I will never see how it ends.

Fables #71 – Cinderella is back in action as the undercover agent who will do what it takes to get the job done. This appears to be a two part prequel to the impending war. For some reason Cinderella as an undercover agent just works for me.

Circle #5 – The Circle is really down to just two agents and last issue we ended with a missile about to hit the train that would kill the last two agents. This series is doing well so far and I’m curious to see how they defeat Agent “Y” and then curious to see what is next as the actual “Circle” appears to be pretty well shattered.

Invincible #49 – We are only one issue away from the 50th issue which is being touted as changing the status quo of Invincible. Kirkman almost always delivers on his hype, so I expect this issue will be setting up next issue. Invincible has been in a bit of a lull lately so I’m hoping we are back on track now.

New World Order #2 – This book is in danger of being cancelled, because I hardly remember issue #1 at all. When I “write” this column I try to mainly only talk about my impression of a book and where it is in the story. I know this is about conspiracy theories and secret societies but nothing else really made an impression.

Sword #6 – This book has made a lasting impression. I’m still not a fan of the artwork, but it is a solid art job and it tells the story well, but the story is great. This issue I believe we start to get some of the back story on the Sword and learn about Dara’s father.

Fear Agent #19 – The continuing adventures of Heath and his ability to sometimes cause more damage then he does good. This series was more of a humor book in the beginning but now has more of a plot. I’m still not sure if that is a good thing or bad, but the art is always nice.

Grendel Behold the Devil #5 (of 8) – This book has been coming out on time and the story itself seems to be flying along. I hope after this Grendel series that we also get to jump forward and see the world as it has become with the future Grendels.

Classic Comic Book Characters : Grendel – I seldom pick up other figurines, but Grendel is getting the Dark Horse deluxe treatment and while the statue is small it is Grendel.

Afterburn #2 - From Red 5 Comics another post apocalyptic future setting, but once we are in that future the stories are about what people are doing to survive. This issue we have been promised mutated sharks.

FX #1 (of 6) – This is a new super-hero mini-series from IDW. What makes this book so intriguing is that I hear the writer actually commissioned John Byrne to draw this book. Now commissioning a commercial artist is not a big deal, but in the small press world I don’t think it is always done that way.

Grimm Fairy Tales #25 – I cannot get over how this book has become a weekly series. This issue is the Little Mermaid story. I’m curious to see if Pamela (who Sela saved) is the new keeper of the book or some other device will be used.

Grimm Fairy Tales: The Piper #1 (of 4) – The Return to Wonderland series was very good, so I have some hope that this series can also be decent. After buying and reading so much of the Zenoscope material, I still have low expectations for this group as they never truly rise above their “good girl” art work focus.

Wasteland #15 – I’m not sure why, but lately Wasteland has lost me a little bit. I think I need to story to have some reveals as to what happened or at least move the story line a little faster. I keep thinking this maybe a series to read as a trade.

Captain America #36 – Right now this book just continues to move way too slow. Also I still do not buy that Steve Rogers is dead and gone. We have very few heroes that can be made almost immortal and Steve Rogers can be one of them as the super solider formula can be the reason he does not age. This issue we should continue to see Bucky grow into the role of Captain America and maybe, Marvel will surprise us and keep him as Captain America.

Captain Marvel #4 (of 5) – Last issue it was Skrulls everywhere and Captain Marvel tries to determine where he fits in and why these images keeping coming to his mind. I’m riding this series to the end, but it has not really given me a good reason for why Marvel pulled a living Captain Marvel into our time.

Marvel Masterworks Captain America – Volume #93 – More material from Jack Kirby's run on Captain America towards the latter part of the Silver Age.

Ghost Rider #21 – I never thought I would be reading Ghost Rider again but with Jason (Scalped) Aaron writing it I was intrigued enough to come back for round #2. Ghost Rider has found out he is the creation of an Angel and now that he is done with the devil Johnny is looking for answers.

Iron Fist #13 – The never ending tournament of Seven Cities continues. I’m really having issues with certain stories that seem to take forever to get from here to there. The art work of Daniel Aja has saved this book from being just an average series.

Iron Man #27 – Last issue Iron Man was killed, so why do we have another new issue. I have been enjoying this run on Iron Man, but I also feel like I may have hit my fill point with Iron Man material and may drop this book due to a general lack of caring about the character.

Thor #7 –JMS has done a nice job of bringing back Asgard and most of the gods. Now the trick is to make it work within the context of the Marvel Universe. The first arc was all setting up the new status quo, now making that status quo work to tell stories is the next trick. So far I have been a convert and I think JMS has a good handle on writing Thor.

War is Hell First Flight Phantom Eagle #1 (of 5) – If Ennis was not writing this I would have skipped this tale of a WWI flying ace, but Ennis does great war stories and seems to respect the material. Still the Phantom Eagle was a lame concept, so it should be interesting to see if Ennis can make it work.

That’s a wrap for another week. This should be an okay week, but nothing is really jumping out at me and screaming I can not wait for this book. Often those weeks are the ones I enjoy best as my expectations are lowered.

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