Sunday, March 09, 2008

Random Thoughts

A great article that shows how one artist goes about his work is here.

A DCU book that I worry does not get enough attention is Simon Dark by Steve Niles and Scott Hampton. It is a great series about what appears to be a “Frankenstein Monster” type crossed with Edward Scissorhands.

I love the hard cover collections but now the whole process has gotten out of hand in my opinion. The six issue hard covers of almost every book published is ridiculous. We have hard cover collections of Superman/Batman while Fables remains as just trades. Then a few months later the trade version comes out. Marvel will do six issue hard covers, then the trade them sometimes do a 12 issue slightly over sized hard cover. As a fan we almost never know what format what book will be done in. I assume all of this is more for the bookstore market and if that market is demanding all of this material it means our industry is stronger then comic book sales themselves would indicate.

Sorry but this is a very short post for today as I’m busy working on Monday and Tuesday’s post.

Coming attractions are reviews of Space Doubles #3, Legend of Joe Moon #1 and Henry and Butcher #2. We also hope to have another interview coming up shortly with a comic creator you may have heard of Mark Waid and the regular independent preview review.

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