Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Fistful of Reviews: Belated

Batman #682 (DC)

Despite the fact that I was incredibly confused by Morrison's R.I.P. story I have to admit - reading this issue makes me think that somewhere in it all he really gets the character of Batman (mostly). Also, in one issue he managed to convey what Miller seemed to be going for in All Star Batman but never (for me anyway) really achieved - the reason for Robin. I also thought the addition of the original Batwoman was interesting.

Terror Titans #3 (DC)

I'm still not exactly sure what's going on with Rose in these books. There's still something left of the better person she was becoming so I'm not convinced that's she's really become a villain. Either way, I'm also sorry that Bolt killed his father as he wasn't that bad of a kid. Anyway, I do have to say that with the exception of Secret Six I don't like villain books. Still, this isn't bad.

JSA #21 (DC)

Wow, I feel really bad for Starman and Damage. Especially Starman - that was not right at all, Gog didn't just un-cure Thom, he made him worse =/ That sucks because Starman is one of my favorite characters in the JSA. Either way I'll be interested to see how they're going to take Gog out in the end. This has been a pretty good story arc.

Mouse Guard: Winter 1152 #4 (ASP)

YAY! I'm so happy to see this book back. I hope ASP manages to get back on its feet and keep publishing this book as well as books like Robotika. I really hope to add more Mouse Guard hardcovers to my collection. I loved Saxon's interactions with the Bats this issue although it was sad when he discovered the remains of his mentor. The art is gorgeous, as usual. I really hope that the Mouse Guard board game is out by Gencon next year and that I get to play this time around. I'm also kind of excited about the RPG :) Welcome back Mouse Guard!

The Astounding Wolfman #10 (Image)

This was an interesting background issue. I appreciated the history on the vampire character though I was surprised and saddened to see Wolfman's daughter going to him for help. I am also enjoying Wolfman's trials with the Wolf that made him. I liked the twist that eventually the Wolfmen can no longer change back to human form. This is an enjoyable comic that I've slowly become more interested in as we get further into the story.

Hellboy: The Wild Hunt #1 (Dark Horse)

I really enjoy all of the BPRD and Hellboy one shots. This was pretty entertaining. I like the idea that the "Wild Hunt" is actually a bunch of British nobles called out to fight monsters occasionally. The double cross at the end was a good twist. I also appreciated the rundown of Hellboy's recent activities as it helped to put his wanderings in perspective.

Vixen: The Return of the Lion #3 (DC)

I've never really cared for Vixen but this mini series has really made me appreciate the character more. This also seems like an effort to make Vixen a more legitimate member of the JLA, which was needed. I like the JLA parallel story running in the book, it adds a lot to the overall flow of the plot. I really liked Vixen being able to use her powers without the totem - very nicely done. I really have enjoyed the artwork in this mini series - especially the covers. The ink work and color work has been gorgeous.

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