Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Year In Review

I was going to review some of the books I read over the holidays but then I realized that I was lucky enough to get the last post of the year. Because of that honor, I figured I’d do a "Daily Life" year in review. Let’s just summarize with: It’s been a crazy year.

Actually, it seems each year gets crazier and crazier the older the kids get. Boy continues to do well in school. At this point, I’m convinced he isn’t challenged by school in the least. This allows him lots of time to experience all the social facets of school. Those facets include the kid who picks his nose (“Is that gross Daddy?” “Yes! Yes it is!”). The kid who teaches them about death (“Daddy, is it true we turn to dust when we die?” “Ummm…”). And of course the kid who taught him Pokemon. I now know all the Pokemon characters. Just to let you know how bad it’s gotten, when we made cookies for Santa, Boy made Santa a Poke ball cookie.

Girl is also does well in school. At this point, I know that she isn’t challenged either. AND, this also allows her lots of time to experience all the social facets of school. Unfortunately this has lead her to find boys. That’s right, less than 5th grade and she’s found boys. I’m pretty sure this foreshadows years of fun when she is a teenager. Actually, I’m convinced it means I’m doomed. ANYWAY, she’s met the love of her life and will marry him some day. This was proven one day at lunch when I went to visit and say hi. When I got there, I couldn’t find my little girl! There was the table of little girls. There was the table of future outcasts. Then there was the boy table full of grunts… and burbs… Pokemon talk… open mouths full of food… and my little girl. As prim and proper as could be in a sea of flailing little boys. Yep, I am doomed.

Finally, Tiny, and, this should come as no surprise…. is doing well in school. It’s less than 1st grade so it’s still primarily art projects but she loves it. But, while Tiny isn’t challenged by school, she is more than ready for the challenge. She has already skipped to longer books and claims “I ready for my reading test”. That’s right, the youngest can’t tell the difference between a square and a triangle but is reading to take a reading test. Aaahhh, the joys of having older siblings.

As always I continue to share my love of comic books. I have a stash of kids books for everyone to read. In addition, Boy and Girl have access to my DC Archives. Girl loves the Golden Age Wonder Woman by William Moulton Marston while Boy loves Kamandi by Kirby. As I always say, it’s never too early to teach the love of Kirby.

Unfortunately, when I noticed Girl kept tying up her Barbie’s, I started to think she loved those old Wonder Woman a little too much. BUT, after a quick switch to old Millie the Model books, I got to make paper dolls and dresses which is tons of fun. Finally, I started Tiny on Ducks by Carl Barks but it turns out she loves Gottfredson Mickey Mouse Dailies from the 30’s.

PS. If you aren't familiar with 1930's Mickey, which is awesome, then click the picture to the left to read some dailies. They are quite good.

This is officially very long. I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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