Friday, October 07, 2011

Image Previews for December

Lee: Image is starting to kill me again. Now that the series are starting to get collected my budget is getting crushed by all the new trades.

Thomm: I think it’s well established that my budget pales in comparison to, well, everyone. I’ll pick and choose.

story Nathan Edmondson   art / cover Mitch Gerads
32 Pages/ FC / $3.50
The evolution of global warfare necessitates the evolution of special forces to rise and meet the call. The U.S Army has therefore looked to its last secret special operations tribe, the Intelligence Support Activity, or Gray Fox. Within Gray Fox is a team of elite men and women whose mission is flexible, whose technology is bleeding edge, and whose execution is precise and lethal. They are Team Omaha, and they serve The Activity.
Lee: This reminds me of that great series from Oni, Queen and Country. If it’s anything like that then this is something to look forward to.
Thomm: Team Omaha? Where’s the steaks? In fact, with reference to a bleeding edge rather than cutting edge, I think this is slyly telling us it’s about butchers.

story Tito Faraci   art / cover Dan Brereton
80 Pages / FC / $7.99
In 52 BCE, General Caius Rodius, retired hero of Caesar’s Legions, is called back to war. In nearby Gaul, Rome’s combined armies lay siege to the Gallic stronghold of Alesia in a conflict fated to shape history. A third barbarian horde prepares to attack the Romans from without, led by the rebel Cammius, who once fought for Rome. Rising star Julius Caesar dispatches Rodius to track through the wilderness and bring back the rebel’s head. Who better to hunt Cammius than the man who taught him the very skills he now uses to defy Rome? Rodius must choose between duty to Rome and Caesar or the barbarian he raised as his own son.
Lee: Tito Faraci has been writing comics in Italy and Europe since 1995. The man knows how to tell a story. Add the fantastic art of Brereton and this is an easy buy.
Thomm: I love the setting. The start of the Roman Empire is great fodder for stories. Between this and DHP, though, my comics budget is getting smacked by $8 offerings.

story Mark Millar, Alan Mckenzie, John Smith
art / cover Rian Hughes
88 Pages / FC / 8.5” X 11” / $16.99
Follow your host Hilary Tremayne on eight surreal journeys into the unknown. Discover the truth behind the mysteries of spontaneous human combustion, the Bermuda Triangle, the lost 13th month, and the real reason men have nipples.
Drawn by Rian Hughes and written by a Rogue’s Gallery of Britain’s finest comic writers that includes Mark Millar (Kick Ass, Wanted), Alan Mckenzie (The Harrison Ford Story) and John Smith (Devin Waugh), this hardcover volume collects the complete series.
Lee: Hughes is a fantastic artist who understands his limitations, namely he isn’t the strongest writer. Since he knows this he teams up with really good writers like Millar. Ok you can question Millar’s writing but his ideas have been pretty good. I got the previous collection of Hughes art and loved it so I am going to get this one too.
Thomm: Eh, we’ll see. Humor, and I hope this is humor, can be hit and miss more than adventure and other genres.

story Brandon Seifert
art / cover Lukas Ketner
112 Pages/ FC/ $12.99
Meet Dr. Vincent Morrow, the Witch Doctor, in the smash hit debut title from Robert Kirkman’s Skybound Originals line! Dr. Morrow’s looking for a vaccine — for the apocalypse — and in his quest to understand the biology of the supernatural, he faces vampires, demonic possession, faeries and more. Collects Witch Doctor #1-4
Lee: I love my horror stories and this appears to be a winner. I love the cover!
Thomm: I read the first issue that Image had in the back of some books. I wasn’t overly impressed.

story Joe Casey
art / cover Chris Burnham
96 Pages/ FC / $12.99
The Badass With A Badge returns in a glorious oversized hardcover! Brought to you Joe Casey (Butcher Baker) and Chris Burnham (Batman, Inc.) – now with ADDED PAGES of over-the-top sex and violence – experience Officer Downe as it was meant to be experienced! You’ve never felt “command presence” quite like this! This is the cop that’ll keep coming back for more… even from beyond the grave! Now with all-new bonus features!
Lee: Casey has always done pretty good work with his own characters so this should be good. Add that to insane levels of violence and this looks to be a winner. Pointless humor and horror books are definitely my weaknesses.
Thomm: Not mine. Over the top violence I can leave more than take.

story Viktor Kalvachev, Andrew Osborne
art Viktor Kalvachev, Toby Cypress, Nathan Fox
cover Viktor Kalvachev
32 Pages / FC / $2.99
Secrets aren’t the only things laid bare in the aftermath of a shocking reversal of fortune, while ticking time bombs of suspicion and paranoia threaten to blow a dangerous alliance to smithereens. Love is unspoken and promises are made to be broken in episode eight of the fast, funny 100% cool smash hit series. (But wait! There’s more…at!)
Lee: This is supposed to be good and the covers are just fantastic. I have to pick up the trade and get caught up on this book.
Thomm: Let me know how that goes.

story Robert Kirkman  art / cover Jason Howard
64 Pages / BW / $4.99
Holy smokes! It’s Super Dinosaur! It’s Derek Dynamo! It’s Max Maximus! It’s the Mega-Raptor! They’re all here – and they’re all in black and white! Hours upon hours of enjoyment is to be had in this deluxe coloring book! Woo! IT’S A COLORING BOOK!
Lee: If you asked me which of the second tier publishers would have done a coloring book first, I would have said DH. And I would have been wrong. My kids are out of coloring now, but if they were still into it I would totally buy this.
Thomm: Super Dinosaur has been a fun book and this fits in with the all ages that Kirkman et al are trying to reach.

Thomm: I guess I’ll be digging in deep for some Roman stories.
Lee: Sounds like I am starting to cost you money like I cost Jim money.  Apparently working previews with me is bad for your bank account.

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