Sunday, March 03, 2013

The Week of February 27 in Review Preview

Two clips from Monday's post that also reveal my grand design for Monday and Tuesday.

This week I have a set of three posts for the week in review and one is a cheat of sorts. The first post is about Batman Inc #8 and will of course contain many spoilers. It is impossible for me to talk about this book without ruining the issue, but let’s face it DC has tried to guarantee that everyone knows about. The second post will be another “Random Thoughts” post. Lee had plenty of stuff for Friday so I held onto this post but feel it only works if it is timely and even by Monday afternoon it is going to be stale. The final part will be commentary on a few other books that I read from this week. Sadly I keep falling behind on my reading and need to catch up so I try and read current stuff every week and save other books for later.

Then it really heats up with:

I’m bitterly disappointed the Damian died and I also totally understand why he died. Grant Morrison with Chris Burnham (and his art is great Gwen, regardless of what you call fat faces) have been killer on this book and in many ways it has been the best Batman book on the stands. The “but” is that the great work being done by Snyder and the heavy shift that the new 52 caused in Grant’s storyline relegated this book to a second tier status. As a straight up comic book this issue was excellent. The heroic death of Damian was well played. The character interaction between Dick and Damian made me long for the Batman and Robin series that featured Dick as Batman. The artwork was stunning, I’m sure work I could never afford an original page and Jason Masters’s work, while not as strong as Chris Burnham’s held up. I did notice Jason’s four page sequence did not feature Damian. The final two pages were flat out amazing as we see Damian die and then see Batman die a little as he holds his dead son in his arms.

Now what I want to talk more about is the character Damian, what Grant did for the Batman franchise and why I think it is funny how in one issue Grant has overshadowed all the other Bat books. 

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