Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Christmas Card

Well, I've been posting about the family for most of the year and I have loved every minute of it. In summary, here are some of the things I may not have mentioned along the way...

This year, the Boy found sports. He loves to play them and loves to watch them on TV too. Every morning he gets up, gets dressed as fast as he can, and runs downstairs so he can watch highlights. His favorite teams are the Red Sox, Patriots, Celtics, and Bruins. Oddly enough, all Boston teams. I wonder where he gets it from? He is also our little chatterbox. He asks who we are rooting for in EVERY game. It doesn't matter if we're watching Middle Arkansas Community College vs. Lower Idaho U. in college football, we have to root for someone. Currently, he asks EVERY day if the Celtics played the night before and what the score was. I finally had to print a schedule so he could keep track of games himself. He started sleeping with it.

The Girl is fast becoming a dancer. She decided soccer was ok, baseball was boring, but dancing was the best thing ever. She goes to class once a week and provides home recitals so she can show us the new steps she's learned. She had her first recital this year and did a great job. She even won an award for most improved dancer. As a parent, I couldn't have been more proud. As a father, I wondered if they sold guns on ebay. She had all sorts of makeup on and looked like a little lady instead of the little girl I knew. I've decided she can't date until she goes off to college. I don't think it will work but for now I'm sticking to my guns... literally.

Tiny is growing in leaps and bounds and wants nothing more than to be with Boy and Girl. She worships the ground they walk on much to their chagrin. I can often tell when she is near them by the cries of "DAD! Tiny is messing up my room" or "DAD! Tiny is taking my toys". She started school this year and loves it but more importantly she started potty training. We went with the M&M as a "Special treat" for successfully using the toilet. Needless to say, we are doing our part to keep Hershey's in business.

And, that is the latest news in our house, and to all our readers MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

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