Saturday, October 04, 2008

A Fistful of Reviews: Belated

Air #2 (Vertigo)

While I found the first issue to be interesting I feel like this issue is what has really hooked me onto the book. I have no way of describing this story. I tried to sum it up for my boyfriend (because I was telling him how much the male lead looks like him) and ended up having to tell the whole story so far - it would have been easier just to have him read it himself. Anyway, Air has an amazingly intricate and unexpected plot while drawing you into the story through Blythe's new found love. It's mystery, fantasy, and yet somehow grounded in reality and very real concerns. This is a fantastic book so far!

Action Comics #869 (DC)

This could end up being one of my all time favorite Superman stories. As much as it seems to sit outside of current continuity it's better off for it. Also, I have no issues whatsoever with Geoff Johns coming up with a much better Supergirl (and Supergirl origin!). This story arc has been the only time I've actually liked the new Kara.

Birds of Prey #122 (DC)

I'm a bit bored of the whole Platinum Heights thing and find my self uninterested in the Joker's appearance. I think Bedard does a better job focusing on Misfit. This is still a good book, just not a consistent favorite with me anymore.

Casey Blue: Beyond Tomorrow #5 (Wildstorm)

While I'll admit that this book has grown on me I'm still not sold. The story's flow is somewhat inconsistent and I feel as if there's too much going on with the back story for me to make any sense of at the moment. It's not that complex plot is a bad thing, I just don't think it's been presented as best as it could be. Either way, I'm still interested to see what happens as the book has been building up every issue.

Echo #6

This is a fantastic book with gorgeous art. I have loved every issue. I'm glad Julie and Dillon are traveling together now as between the two of them they should start to figure more out about the suit. I also like how the 'echo' part of the story is starting to come into play, although I'm sure that'll be all sorts of confusing for poor Dillon.

Atomic Robo #2 (Red 5 Comics)

I always have so much fun reading Atomic Robo. The main story was a bit short but the backup stories are so well done that I don't mind. Awesome art and fun stories - what more could you ask for?

Titans #5 (DC)

I didn't completely hate this issue. I guess that's a step in the right direction. Ok, in all fairness the singing bear-gram ploy was entertaining and I'm glad someone finally resolved the Kory-Dick romance, even if it did make Nightwing look like a jackass. The panel by panel dual plot was irritating though.

Tangent: Superman's Reign #7 (DC)

Batman is so cool. That is all.

The Walking Dead #52 (Image)

Another solid issue although I do enjoy this book more in graphic novel format. It makes sense that big events or plot turns don't take place every issue with a story like this and that why I enjoy this more when I can read several issues at once. I really enjoy the art and killing zombies with swords is always fun!

X-Men: First Class #16

Ah the Iceman - Torch team up, good times. This was a nice light hearted issue and I'm sad that this book will no longer be an ongoing series.

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  1. Walking Dead is one of my favorites. Wasn't it amazing to see Michonne come back? I thought that scene was really touching, particularly the way Carl reacted. And I was impressed with the way Michonne summed up what is wrong with Rick - his lack of confidence (understandable after what he's been through). Another great issue.

    Echo is also one of my favorites. I wasn't as big a fan of this issue as I was of #4 and #5, but the story is continuing to keep me hooked. I really can't wait to see where this all goes and how much more we can see of Annie (the "Echo").

    I read Action Comics #870 this week in PDF - one of Geoff's best so far, in my opinion. I think you'll like it.