Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Fistful of Reviews: Belated

Madame Xanadu #4 (Vertigo)

I think this has to be one of my favorite comics books right now - right up there with Echo and Neozoic. I am absolutely enchanted by this character - a character I never cared much for previous to this series. I am also still in love with the artwork for this book. I'm looking forward to where next issue goes as another portion of the story has come to a close.

Legion of Superheroes #46 (DC)

I'm still really upset that this book is being canceled. Still I really hope that next issue, which supposedly focuses on Brainiac 5 and Dream Girl goes well - seeing how much of the rest of Waid's work Shooter has chosen to ignore (Micro Lad anyone?). Don't get me wrong, Shooter's been doing a good job - I just feel like we've lost a bit of what made Waid's Legion unique in the fact that too much homage has been paid to the older Legion. Anyway, this issue was okay but I am confused by the Ultra Boy and Saturn Girl thing. Ah well.

I Kill Giants #4 (Image)

What a fun and cool book. This issue focuses on one really awful day and helps you to really empathize with the main character. It's so heartbreaking when she thinks that her friendship with Sophie is ruined - which I hope that's not the case.

Proof #12 (Image)

While this is a book that I highly enjoy I really added it to my reviews because of the fantastic cover art. Actually the art's even better on the cover I have - the monkey's eyes are googly.

Fables #76 (Vertigo)

While this was a decent epilogue type issue (and it explained more about the Geppetto-amnesty thing) it was a bit of a slow issue. After the grand battle finale last issue it's to be expected though. My major disappointment however was with the artwork. It wasn't that it was bad, but it didn't seem to match the story at all. I had a hard time recognizing Pinocchio as he looked completely different from how they had portrayed him in the past. Does anyone know if this was just a fill-in artist? I hope so.

Superman #680 (DC)

I don't know about everyone else but, while admittedly a cute story, I don't really get the Superdog thing. I mean, a dog with a cape? If Krypto's around where's Streaky and Comet and Beepo? If we have one super pet I want them all dammit!

Blue Beetle #31 (DC)

While not as strong as the previous run the new writer has been doing a decent job. This is still an enjoyable book and I like how Jamie's family still plays such an important part in his role as a superhero. The Dr. Midnite cameo was a nice touch as well.

Cast in Fury - Michelle Sagara

This is the fourth book in Michelle Sagara's 'Cast' series, which I've been reading since the first one came out four years ago. I really love this series for the character writing alone. The interplay between the main characters is fascinating and I'm hoping in the next book she returns to exploring the interplay between the main character and the major supporting character. She hinted at exploring the main character's past more thoroughly this book but left me wanting more. Overall these are books I'd recommend to any fantasy fan - especially if you're interested in mystery, action and high quality writing. I'd give a synopsis - but it's honestly near impossible. I'll just say that Sagara builds an entire world and has slowly been exploring both the history and cultures of the world through the main character's eyes.

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  1. Good news. It was just a fill in artist on Fables.