Wednesday, October 08, 2008


I have not done a political rant in awhile and this one is way shorter then I want it to be, but I have a net message that I want to get out to people.

If you think Obama is the answer and is all about change, then think again. This guy is already part of the status quo and he will just be more of the same. In fact his programs will pull us out of Iraq and into Afghanistan. He will mandate a form of universal health care because people believe health care to be a right. HE VOTED FOR THE BAILOUT. A vote for Obama is not helping this country.

If you think McCain is the answer then you have to understand that his McCain/Feingold Campaign Reform bill was actually structured to help keep third parties from ever having a chance to really take hold. Also every part of this bill that has been challenged has been ruled unconstitutional to the best of my knowledge. HE VOTED FOR THE BAILOUT. A vote for McCain is not helping this country.

I know someone has to win, but how about voting for anyone else and make a statement that this country is not going to accept the same thing over and over and over again.

The bailout will go down as the worse piece of legislation ever. It is taking from the middle class and giving to the rich. Let’s see what types of compensation Paulson gets from these companies come January. It will be speaking fees for $1,000,000 a speech or some other insane thing. We allowed for private profits, but are now accepting public losses.

I will probably write-in for Ron Paul. Vote for anyone else on the ballot. Sure Obama will win in a walk away, but if the voter turnout is heavy and there is a significant vote against the status quo, they may actually have to stop and think about what they are doing. They will react if they think they will lose their power base.



  1. See, you can say Obama and McCain are both status quo candidates, but they have very different philosophies on what government is to do. They're not the same guy.

    On a minor point, I didn't fact check your statement about challenges to he McCain Feingold Act, but even if what you say is true, it's kind of meaningless. Every aspect that's been challenged has been found unconstitutional? So what? Unless the entire act was challenged, that means there are parts, presumably large parts because the act is still largely intact, that were so obviously constitutional that they weren't challenged. It's not really a substantive criticism of the legislation to say parts of it were unconstitutional. Lots of legislation has had that problem over the centuries. Sometimes the devil is in the details, not the overall goal.

    As far as Obama's vote for the bailout, what's the alternative? Let the banks fail? That'll get us a depression for sure. We were already in a recession. Isn't it more cost effective to shore up the banks, regulate them to prevent future problems and pursue them for the money put up now at a later date? The structural problem started in the Clinton years and was exacerbated by the loose oversight of the Bush years. Obama's presence in the Senate has only been a little over 3 years. Not really time for him to get into a leadership position to address such a un-sexy problem, if it was even on his radar before he began running for president.

    So, sure, throw away your vote on a third party if you want. It's a free country. Me, I'm going to vote for the guy who's shown the temperment to lead and has promoted ideas that I think will actually lead to a recovery. And getting out of Iraq to get further into Afghanistan isn't a bad thing. Afghanistan is where we should have been all along, instead of being diverted in Iraq. We're 7 years behind in what we should have done in Afghanistan, so we're going to have to put more into it now.

  2. Thomm - I'll address your Obama comment. Yes he should have voted against the bailout, there are plenty of other solutions which could help, but ultimately you are just extending the pain. Obama is nothing more then an owned politician as much as McCain, Bush, and Clinton are owned.

    The only way to get these guys to do the right thing is to threaten their ability to gain power.

    As for our foreign policy, do you really think throwing in troops to fight small rebel bands is the way to go. Warfare against terriosim needs to be something different and spending money on more wars is not the answer. I was against Iraq and still feel we should just pull out and I'm against any further wars without true provocation.

  3. I'm voting for Palin! McCain just happens to be at the top of the ticket (what can you do?). I'm not giving up yet. I don't think Obama is necessarily going to win either. I also agree that McCain was dumb to vote for this bailout fiasco.

    My brother (who voted absentee for Obama in Virginia) got me hooked on Fox's O'Reilly Factor. It's entertaining to say the least, especially when he's taking apart Barney Frank!

    Tomorrow is the big day for Mann Baby #6 to arrive. I can't wait to see who comes out!!!