Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Fistful of Reviews: Belated

It's almost Halloween! Yay!

Action Comics #870 (DC)

This Brainiac story has been amazing on so many levels. I've really enjoyed it. I am however upset and saddened by the ending =/

I Kill Giants #4 (Image)

As much as this was another good issue it really just left me really excited for the next issue. It looks like we may finally be getting to the heart of the story.

GL Corps #29 (DC)

So my major interest in this issue was Ice and Guy. I hope they let their relationship develop despite the distance issue. Guy's love for Tora is one of his few redeemable qualities and I'd hate to see it lost.

BPRD: The Warning #4 (Dark Horse)

This stuff is always so much fun. I'm really enjoying Johann in this particular story (and this issue especially with him controlling the giant monster, that was excellent!). The art is wonderful too. Also, I have a hard time believing giant robots will ever get old ;)

Black Canary Green Arrow #13 (DC)

This was a sweet issue as far as Mia and Dodger's date went. Dodger's a good side character and I'd like to see him stick around for awhile. I really wish Conner would actually be back in the story though. I've always liked him so much more than Ollie. I'd hate to see his character irreparably damaged.

Walking Dead #53 (Image)

I still feel that this comic works best as a graphic novel but this was another solid issue. The best part about it was the ending though where it's hinted that we may be finding out the cause of the plague sometime soon. I hope we get to see more of the new people.

Wonder Woman #25

This was an okay issue. I wasn't too interested in the main fight or anything. The only real point of interest was the hint that Diana may be interested in having children. That would certainly be a way to bring some needed change to this character.

Invincible #53

This issue was alright I suppose. I get the sense that Mark isn't actually interested in Eve - she's just convenient... which is disappointing because I really like Eve as a character (more than any other supporting character, except Science Dog, who doesn't count). The whole thing with Oliver is obviously going to end badly. Oh well.

Green Lantern #35

This was the end of the secret origin storyline which, as much as I've enjoyed it, I'm glad to see it FINALLY end. This should have been done as a mini series because now GL has been paused for half a year at this point. Still, the story was fun and the ending was so-so. It wasn't much of a finale in my opinion and I didn't like Ganthet having become individual so much earlier on. I liked the fact that he learned so much of it from traveling with Hal and Ollie.

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  1. An interesting perception on Invincible. I had rather the opposite feeling that this was the heart of Mark's story. Amber, on the other hand, seemed like a convenience.