Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Fistful of Reviews: Belated

While I'm not fond of my job I am proud of the way my store's been run up until this point. We have had almost NO theft thanks to the way our store is set up (I'm running a seasonal costume store for my company until Halloween, then I go back to being an assistant manager thank goodness). Until now that is. I had classes today but the store was appropriately staffed. Yet I get a call informing me that 10-15 costumes were supposedly stolen today - that's AT LEAST a $500 loss, most likely more. This also means that my opening manager was not doing their job. Which means I have to deal with all sorts of fun investigative BS because $500 just walked right out the door thanks to one person slacking off (best case scenario) during a seriously easy job. I am so PISSED.

There was no real point to all that ranting, mostly I'm just frustrated and sharing!

On the upside of things I'm getting As in at least two, maybe three, of my classes right now. Onto the reviews!!!

Four Eyes #1 (Image)

This book was intriguing, poignant and endearing all wrapped in one. This little boy immediately won me over and despite his father's short appearance you feel as if something is truly lost in his absence. The dragon aspect of the story, while as of yet unexplained, is fascinating and pulls me into the the story from an entirely different angle (beautiful dragon art designs too!). I'm not sure what to expect out of this book but this was a gorgeous first issue.

Samurai Legend #1 (Marvel)

This was technically from a previous week but I just received it with this batch of books. While admittedly biased when it comes to the samurai 'genre' I think I can safely say this is a pretty good story so far. The writing style is somewhat distant in keeping with the feel of feudal Japanonese culture and the art is both subtle and elegant. The story is still a bit of a mystery as to why so many men are after this one little girl but I'm sure answers will come to light in time. Overall an appealing book, especially to those interested in samurai stories.

House of Mystery #6 (Vertigo)

This is definately a well written book, but I do get frustrated with the slow plot progression at times. While I really enjoyed Ann's pirate lady love betrayed back story I still feel stalled when it comes to the main plot. Perhaps things will move along as the crew ventures into the basement, but with all the foreshadowing (which can be a tiny bit grating) I'm assuming things aren't going to go well.

Supergirl #34 (DC)

I can't tell if this issue was a good move or not. I mean, they tried the 'secret identity' thing with Kara before. Maybe it'll work better with the current take as being a Lang is something new and she's not enrolled in high school (which automatically makes things less angsty). I thought Cat Grant chastising Supergirl's actions was a decent idea to a point (they went a bit too extreme with the 'angry sports fan') and it'll be interesting to see how it goes. Another day, another team on Supergirl...

Batman #680 (DC)

I should just give up and read the graphic novel. My brain is too tired from all my homework to grasp this book right now. I don't think I like this story arc though. Sometimes it's hard to tell.

Manhunter #35 (DC)

This book is so awesome :) I love the background plot work like Ramsey having powers. The major plot with Kate and the Birds of Prey crew saving all those women was excellent. Kate just kicks butt - though it looks like the repercussions may be fairly harsh. Also, Cam being pregnant certainly adds a new aspect to Kate's supporting cast.

Sparks #4 (Catastrophic Comics)

This is a twisted, dark, surreal roller coaster of a comic book - and I'm loving every page.

Vixen: Return of the Lion #1 (DC)

Wow, I found Vixen interesting as a character for an entire issue! It's a Christmas miracle! In all seriousness though, this was a decent story (although a lot of forced plot was involved) that may turn into a solid mini series for Vixen. Nothing fantastic, but solid. The art was very enjoyable as was the color work.

Nightwing #149 (DC)

I only mention this issue because I loved Harvey Dent. I thought he was perfectly portrayed in all his insanity and it only makes his tragedy harsher. I'm looking forward to seeing the fallout next issue.

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