Friday, February 01, 2008

Comics Books and Education

Recently our blog received the following email:

I see where your web site devotes time to the world of comics and education. At we recently reviewed the use of comic books as a tool for teaching reading in the school setting. We actually did three separate posts on the topic:

If you think the posts would be of interest to your readers I would be grateful if you would share them with your readers. In addition, if you have any feedback on the topic I welcome your input.

Thanks and have a great week.

Tom Hanson


I wanted to devote my post to this today because these are three well written posts on comic books in our classrooms. While I believe the writer missed quite a few key comic books in the third link's list, these articles are all worth taking a closer look at. I am always excited to see the growing interest in comic books as an educational tool.

I apologize for the shortness of my post this week, but I wanted to highlight this. Also, after the upset of the Florida primaries this week compounded by inventory at work I feel that writing any reviews would be unfair to the creators of the books I've been reading!

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