Friday, February 08, 2008

A Few Upcoming Comics

These are just a few comic books I've had the opportunity to preview and I'd like to share my impressions about them. I have a great time with almost every book I get to read from Red 5 and BOOM. These publishers put out some fantastic material and if you enjoy comic books I can't imagine why you wouldn't be reading some of their books.

Atomic Robo #5 of 6 - Red 5 Comics

An anomaly in Italy leads ROBO to a secret Helsingard lair filled with memories of battles past. But behind the “end boss” doors, protectors have awoken. “Tell me it’s not cyborgs.” “Then I’d have to lie.”

Is this the end of ATOMIC ROBO and his famed Action Science League?

I have a feeling that I'll get a lot more out of this issue once the series comes to an end. Don't get me wrong, I haven't encountered an issue in this series that I didn't like, but this one in particular was confusing at times. There's a lot of overlapping plot going on, and while it all comes together for a cliffhanger ending, I had to go back and reread it to make sure I understood what exactly was going on. Like I said, I think it'll work better once the last issue comes out.

Still, Robo is a great read. I think I could hand this comic to just about anyone and they'd enjoy it.
I also love the way the artist gives Robo's bucket head such colorful expressions - Wegener's art continues to do a wonderful job depicting these crazy stories. Atomic Robo is the most out and out fun I've had with a comic book in years.

Neozoic #3 - Red 5 Comics

Thousands of dinosaurs descend on Monanti and the entire Predator Defense League is called into action. But if the walls break, are the elite warriors enough to protect the city? And who or what is behind the lizard invasion?

Okay, I think anyone who reads this blog on a regular basis knows how much I love this series. We're only three issues into this series and already I've been sucked into not only the plot, but the characters' lives. This issue is fast paced and has soooo many things going on at once, but, for the most part, Paul Ens makes it work.

We continue to find out about the state of the city and we see the beginning of an intrigue plot unveiled all while Lilli and the rest of the PDL struggle to protect the city. J Korim, for still being a fairly new artist, does an amazing job with the amount of work that's required to pull off the large and detailed scenes required for this story.

My one complaint this issue is there is a scene that, story wise anyway, seems intended to be tragic. Instead I had a hard time not laughing because of, 1, its abruptness, and 2, the giant 'SQUASH' across the panel. I felt the scene would have had more impact as a tragedy and instead came across a bit Wild-e-coyote. Everything else was well done and I continue to anticipate this book every issue.

Abyss #3 - Red 5 Comics

Quiver, the latest in the long line of Arrow’s ill-fated sidekicks, has been missing for three weeks. Eric, son of super-villain Abyss, may be holding the key to her location (and a plot of world domination). But it will take a trip to Oakland to find a man soulful enough to help.

Well, I'm sold. The first two issues of this series weren't my favorite by a long shot, but I saw that there was potential and this issue brought it home. The story picks up and Eric makes a comeback after being sidelined. There's humor alongside a more 'serious' plot, but it no longer seems forced. I'm glad I stuck with this book as if things keep going as they are this will be a fun trade.

Foundation #2 - BOOM Studios

The Foundation has now revealed itself to one unlikely man and recruited him into their ranks. Using the lost texts of Nostradamus, the knowledge of the future is theirs. But it's subject to interpretation. Will they read the text correctly, or make a crucial mistake? A vibrant new thriller with the action of 24 but using the tone of X-Files!

Another great issue. Slower paced than the opening story, but it allows a good amount of space for some background information about the Foundation.

I stand by my previous statement(s) that this series is thought provoking to the extent of working it's way towards a higher literary status. The writer has obviously put a lot of work into this story and it pays off. The art is somewhat plain, but manages to convey the story with elegance. I love the ink and color work on this book - the shadow work is amazing. I highly recommend this unique work of storytelling.


  1. Awesome. I'll give Foundation a shot sometime on my next visit to a comic book retailer.

    On a side note, that one panel in Neozoic #3 is probably my favourite part in the whole issue for the same reason you've stated. It was so amusingly left-field I enjoyed that tiny bit of black humour.

  2. See, I don't mind the humor. It just kicked me out of the mindset I had been in for the story. That could of been the point though!

    I still love Neozoic, such a cool book :)

    And you should definitely try Foundation :)