Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Fistful of Reviews

Red Hood #3 (DC)

This cover was pretty. Beyond that the story is decent. I do like that it has explained why Jason is as messed up as he is as far as the idea that the Lazarus Pit may have made him crueler. Talia has also been restored to more of how I remember her from the older Ras Al Ghul stories which is nice. I’m interested to see how this origin story plays out.

Madame Xanadu #25 (Vertigo)

I think this is the first issue of Madame X that I haven’t absolutely loved. Mostly because it was really depressing and MX was barely a part of it. Oh well they can’t all be awesomely fantastic I suppose.

The Flash #4 (DC)

Yay, this whole Barry murdering thing has been explained – about time! Of course the idea of Iris as ‘Mirror Mistress’ is somewhat intriguing and while I hope that Flash can save her I’m still hoping we get to see Iris as a Rouge for a bit. Also, hopefully the Top doesn’t actually get executed for telling Barry about the future. Seeing how the situation has already escalated faster than the good Rogues thought.

Red Robin #15 (DC)

I’ve had a lot of fun with this book ever since Tim returned to Gotham. Tim Drake has been made into a really cool character of late. He’s always been interesting but with his run as Red Robin he’s better than ever. I like the plan he initiates for dealing with Vicki Vale’s apparent knowledge of his ‘night life’. It will be interesting to see how long Tim can pull off his injury charade in order to keep his identity secret. It’s also been entertaining to watch where Tim’s plan is slowly going – he’s very efficient.

I Zombie #4 (Vertigo)

I LOVE this book. It is awesome. I like how Spot is more like a wereterrier than a werewolf. The idea of a romance building between Gwen and a Monster Hunter is something fun to look forward to. Best of all was the supernatural creature explanation given by the mummy. I really like how cleanly all of the creatures (well excepting Gwen who is apparently different than a normal zombie) were explained. The art, as usual, is well done. If you haven’t given this book a chance you are missing out.

Brightest Day #7 (DC)

Okay the cheeseburger joke was amusing. I’m enjoying Deadman being the focus of this story in some ways and it was cool to get a glimpse of how things are starting to come together. I’m also enjoying Hawk and Dove as characters and I’ve never cared for those two much before. I also like the the entity is running the show and looking for a replacement. Either way I’m enjoying the follow up to Blackest Night!

Superman Elseworlds: The Last Family of Krypton #1 (DC)

This was… enjoyable I suppose. I mean, I guess I’ll have to wait and see if there’s any point to this story besides getting a chance to learn more about the El family. By the way, the catch phrase on the cover, “El on Earth”? Really lame. I mean, seriously, it doesn’t even make sense because the first thing I think of is ‘hell on earth’ and the El family is peaceful and tries to help out the Earth. It was a fun little story to pass the time but it wasn’t anything all that special. Mostly I learned that Superman’s Dad is a neglectful father and a workaholic. Oh well.

R.E.B.E.L.S. #19 (DC)

This is the second part of the Sons of Brainiac arc. Of course I am pretty much the target audience for this storyline seeing how it all ties in to Brainiac 5 handing off Brainiac to Vril Dox (B2) who then has to deal with Brainiac escaping on Colu while Brainiac 3 is simultaneously attacking Colu (not that B3 is trying to help out Granddad as Brainiac wants to kill off his family at this point). SO MUCH BRAINIAC!!! This book is so much fun for me. Of course the best part is how out for #1 Vril always seems to be. I am also looking forward to seeing Lobo try and take on Brainiac :)

Wonder Woman #601 (DC)

Okay… I read WW 600. Then I read this. I am really confused. What’s going on here? I understand it’s some sort of WW eventish thing. But I am still confused. Also, I have no idea what they were thinking with her costume. Despite the fact that they went for the full coverage look there are a lot of gratuitous massive cleavage shots so obviously the point of the costume wasn’t to cover up any of WW’s ‘assets’ as it were. I will say that the story is interesting so far I just hate feeling lost. And the jacket part of the costume is silly. I do like the armguards though.

X-Men: Second Coming #2 (Marvel)

If not for the senseless death of Nightcrawler which makes Marvel dead to me *cough* I would actually be saying that the Second Coming storyline is the first Marvel Event I’ve enjoyed since… well… I can’t even think of another Marvel event I enjoyed. Huh. Oh well. Anyways… this event worked because it set up the opportunity for the return of mutants in the Marvel U. Also, I actually do like Hope as a character. I even liked Cable by the end of this and I’ve never cared one way or another about him previously. It will be interesting to see if this change in the status quo improves Marvel for me in the long run. Letting Kitty Pryde become solid again would go a long way towards soothing my pain at Nightcrawler’s death.

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