Monday, August 16, 2010

What I’m Getting Wednesday August 18

This is an extremely light week for me and I’m okay with that. Every once in a while seeing next to nothing (for me) coming out is a welcome breather. I hope, as I have reached a saturation point with many of the hard covers, this week will be closer to the norm. Of course peeking ahead to next week I should be crushed with collections that are due and stuff that has been delayed.

Outside of the big two I’m only getting three books. Chew #13, Farscape #10 and GI Joe Cobra #7. All three series are solid and enjoyable, but none of those books stand out either in my memory of any major turning point occurring or anything like that, just solid fun series that are always worth the price of entry.

Marvel has Atlas #4, Secret Avengers #4, Thunderbolts #147 and Uncanny X-Men #527. Uncanny is sort of a hanger on as the impact of Second Coming convinced me to check out the next arc. Hope is apparently an activator of the latent powers that some people have and her discovery of her powers seems to have reignited the mutant race. Of course the whole “science” behind this is barely making even comic book sense, but it is working. Atlas I love, but it seems to be meandering a little bit. I worry that Jeff Parker’s success maybe spreading him too thin. I also have Avengers Academy #3 on my radar as based on strong recommendations from Greg and friend James I picked up issues #1 and #2, but as of this writing I have not read them yet.

Breaking up DC into two groupings we have non DCU books and the rest. The rest includes Authority the Lost Year #12 (of 12), Dark Rain OGN, DV8 Gods and Monsters #5 (of 8), Fables #97, Hellblazer #270 and The Spirit #5. The Lost Year has been enjoyable, but nothing that will stick with me for a long time and possibly the last Authority book I will get until a strong reset is done. What is going on now with Wildstorm has driven me away from their books. It is hard to believe I have two Absolute collections of the Authority.

Oddly enough the core DCU has just as many books as the other DC category with Azrael #11, Batman Streets of Gotham #15, Brightest Day #8, Green Lantern Corps #51, JSA #42 and Supergirl #55. It doesn’t get much lighter then this for me, but while there is not a single book I’m dying to read each one of these books have been solid and enjoyable series. If I had to pick one book I will probably read first it is Brightest Day #8.

Next week should be a killer, so I will enjoy this “vacation” week.

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