Monday, August 02, 2010

More Graphic Novels

Here's the promised continuation of my first graphic novel post!

These aren't as all ages as most of the previous books I discussed, but I'll address that on each individual book (as before).

9. Bone

Here's the thing with Bone - the first 3 books are pretty all ages (again, I'll use Harry Potter as a reference: if you're okay reading the first three HP books to your kids, the first 3 Bone books should also be fine). After the first 3 book, as with Harry Potter, the story gets progressively more adult. I also felt that the last parts of the Bone story were somewhat weaker than the rest of the books, but overall the story is fun, heartwarming and filled with adventure.

10. Fables: 1001 Nights of Snowfall

This was a Fables spin-off books that played off of the setup of Arabian Nights. Snow has to tell stories in this version but even if you don't know the characters from Fables it doesn't make a difference. The are darker versions of familiar fairy tales so I'd say that this is a more adult book. Even so, the stories are excellent and the art is gorgeous so it is definitely a book I'd pass on to others. Also, if someone likes this book it is likely they'd be interested in the rest of the Fables books.

11. Local

This was a mini series put out by Oni press a few years ago. It's pretty much a narrative of one girl's life as she travels from place to place. Each issue took place in a different city during a different year of the main character's life. The story itself changes as you go as you see the main character try to discover her own identity. I don't think I'd pass on this book to just anybody as some people don't enjoy character based stories but I still think this is a good easy to get into type of book. I'd recommend it for teens and up.

12. Locke&Key

First off - this book is VERY adult despite having kids as the main characters. So please don't hand this to a kid without reading it first yourself - all the way through. It's not like Preacher or anything but there are definitely some scenes that would make most parents cringe. That being said I do know a 13 year old boy who was allowed to read this and really enjoyed it so it just depends on what you think your kids should be reading. These books are really awesome and have great story with complimentary artwork. They are a great adventure story with three kids fighting against a darkness they are slowly beginning to understand. While I highly recommend this book it's not for everyone.

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