Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Fistful of Reviews

Green Arrow #4 (DC)

For the first half of this issue I had a sense of deja vu. "Haven't I read this comic before?" I thought to myself. Why yes! I had! The whole first half of this book was covered in Brightest Day! WTF. Did DC seriously just charge for a book they had already sold to their readers? What a waste of my time.

Wonder Woman #603 (DC)

I'm still not sure I'm into this story. I mean I find it somewhat interesting and I'm curious to see where it's going but at the same time I feel like something is lacking. This issue had a decent cliff hanger and hopefully next issue will reveal some of what's been going on. At the same time I felt the key point of this issue was Cerebus letting Diana pass when she had been told only Hades could pass unharmed. Honestly reading these books makes me feel I need to brush up on my Greek mythology sometimes... and I have a BA in anthropology so I'm more than passingly familiar with those myths.

Gotham City Sirens #16 (DC)

This cover is fun by the way. The actual issue not quite so much. It was okay and all but why would Zantanna warn Selina to keep Ivy away and then not tell her what from? And why not just immobilize Ivy in the house and prevent Ivy for coming in the first place? It seemed rather unnecessary. Also I'm fairly certain Selina's knowledge of Batman's identity is the fallback plot of this book. If not for Harley's amusing antics I'd be bored with this series at the moment.

Black Widow #6 (Marvel)

And oddly (for me) enough my favorite book this week was a Marvel comic. Black Widow has been a fun book so far and this story line had a good fast paced start. I like the dilemma BW finds herself in as far as the man she's trying to protect thinking she's the person who caused his father's death. I'm looking forward to the next issue.

Justice Society of America #43 (DC)

All I got from this issue is Todd and Alan have some bad communication in their relationship. And wow, really, Todd and Jennie can't come within half a mile of each other without causing all sorts of terrible things to happen? That's a pretty weak deal. Kind of seems that Jennie's resurrection was in place to create disaster. Ah well, we'll see how long it lasts. Poor Todd.

Action Comics #893 (DC)

This comic is pretty entertaining even if just for android-Lois. But the main highlight for me is the Jimmy Olsen back-up story. Highly entertaining. I can't wait to see how Jimmy saves the world from alien invaders!!!


  1. Ok, I know why I like the Sirens cover but.... umm what exactly about that is fun for you?

    If anything I would think it was just another overly sexist DC cover.

    Rule of thumb, Tons of blood on the cover = Marvel, 1/2 nekkid women = DC.

  2. Gorillas on the cover - could be anyone - who doesn't love a monkey.

  3. I liked it because of the mirror and sword reflections - that kind of art takes planning

  4. I'll take nekkid chicks over a bloody mess any day. Guess that's why I read much more DC.

  5. OHHH the mirror trick. I thought you talking about the ‘real meaning’ of the cover.

    As a man, all I see is a beautiful woman with huge, unsupported knockers (due to a lack of bra), going commando in an outfit that would make Lady GaGa blush.

    But, as a woman, I thought you had seen two powerful female figures flaunting their powerful-ness with confidence and power in a male dominated world. Almost as if these women were saying, I’m more powerful than any man in this room.

    I imagine you found Catwoman, wearing leather garb similar to leather outfits worn by those with power fetishes, too obvious with her ‘I’m powerful’ message. I think you find the other woman to be far more interesting. The other woman, sans bra, is obviously saying “A bra is just a device created by man as a means to hide and crush my inner spirit and feminity. I scoff at man’s attempts to cage me and I refuse to wear the evil contraption called a bra.”

    As for going commando, it’s Wednesday and she ran out of underwear because she didn’t do laundry over the weekend.

    But, yeah, I can see how you would like the mirror thing too.

  6. Until this moment I never thought of women going commando. Ah, equality.

  7. wow Lee... you put way too much thought into that.