Saturday, October 16, 2010

What I Got This Past Wednesday

Well, if Lee can do a version of Thomm's "The List", I can do a knock-off of Jim's former "What I'm Getting" post! I certainly miss them and I know you do too. Of course, Jim would have a huge amount of material to cover any given week. Me, I'm lucky if I have a single issue in my box these days (in fact I don't think anything is coming in next week). This week turned out to be a VERY big week for me: SEVEN BOOKS! I know... it's astounding. It cost $18 too. Lots of good stuff as you'll see. When you cut out the marginal books, everything left is more exciting. I've only got time for a few comments on each, since we're departing in the morning for the Fall Foliage of the North Carolina mountains and Tweetsie Railroad this weekend with a layover at Virginia Tech. It's going to be great!

Thor: The Mighty Avenger #5

Everyone knows how great a book this is already -- it hasn't disappointed yet. Jane Foster is probably the best woman character (currently published) in comics right now. Did you notice how Namor had a slight bluish tinge to his skin? Makes perfect sense since his Mom was all blue and his Dad was Caucasian. It was a great take on Namor. Who needs the rest of the Marvel Universe, this book is good all by itself.

Marvel Adventures Super Heroes #7

What an awesome cover! It's by the same artist (Clayton Henry) that's going to be drawing Paul's Spider-Girl title. Don't let the cover fool you, this issue is really more focused on the Black Widow. It really moved the plot forward though and it's still one of my favorite titles right now. For you romantics out there, we did have a nice scene where Steve catches Sue. Oh and Scott Koblish did a fantastic job penciling this issue. I'd only seen his inks before, but he can really draw too.

Comic Book Guy: The Comic Book #4 (of 5)

I'm still enjoying this but I really miss the big lug already. This is too much like a regular Simpson episode than a comic-centric one. I liked the sarcasm club.

Booster Gold #37

I'm still hanging with this title. Although, it'll probably be the last one I read this week. It usually surprises me though and I end up enjoying it more than I expect I will.

Tiny Titans/Little Archie #1 (of 3)

I stopped getting the regular Tiny Titans title, because it just isn't that funny to me, even though the art is very enjoyable. Mini-Marvels -- now that's funny. Still, I love Little Archie and this was fun and all sorts of cute.

Logan's Run: Last Day #4 (of 6)

This was another great issue. Unfortunately, my enjoyment was marred by the poor printing quality. There were color streaks on several pages as if I had printed out the thing myself on my cruddy home printer. HEY BLUEWATER! I EXPECT BETTER FROM YOU!!! I'm going to miss Daniel Gete on the next two issues (Congrats on the new arrival though!). I hope the new artist is just as good. The transition between the main story, which featured a really freaky version of "Box", and the last two pages was a little too abrupt for me.

Warlord of Mars #1

I'm really looking forward to reading this and I just love the Joe Jusko cover. I specifically requested his cover on my "list". Looks like it belongs on a paperback novel!

Don't worry folks, I promise not to do this every week. : )


  1. For Warlord of Mars - I can appreciate the art as a tribute to the Frank Frazetta cover from the novels but I don't know if I'd put it on a novel for that same reason.

  2. I'm more familiar with the Michael Whelan covers from 1979 and I think Jusko's style is similar. I certainly think of the four covers offered, his was by far the best. The J. Scott Campbell covers are ridiculous! I really thought Joe's first cover for the Oz/Wonderland chronicles was on par with the Del Rey Michael Herring Oz covers too.

    I really liked the book too. Although it was bit more bloody than I was expecting.