Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Marvel Preview Review for December Pt 1 of 3

Lee: After an extended abscence, I am back picking Marvel books. And since we all know that Marvel is doing nothing but flooding the market with material, I am highlighting some of their grossest excesses. Be prepared for pointless covers and mindless hype. Yahoooo.
Greg: Blah blah blah. They're still doing the best superhero books on the market... AND flooding it with a metric ton of crap. But hey, Bob Harras is in charge of DC. I fully expect the Batman office alone to put out more titles than the entire Marvel line within a year.

Written by Victor GischlerPencils & Cover by Rob Liefeld
You Say You Want A Revolution, Part Three
Lee: It’s been awhile since there was a bloody and pointless cover. Ahhh who am I kidding there is one every month. But this month, besides bloody and pointless you get bad anatomy too! Yep, Rob Liefeld wins worst cover of the month.
Greg: Does any other market have the kind of nostalgia that comics has? It is singlehandedly keeping Rob's career alive. He was dynamic and interesting 20 years ago. LET'S KEEP GIVING HIM WORK.

Written by Dan Slott Pencils & Cover by Humberto Ramos
To face off against an amped-up Hobgoblin, you need an amped-up Spider-Man! What's the story behind Spidey's NEW SUIT? What is it and what can it do? Meanwhile, Mach 5 (from The Thunderbolts) faces off against one of Spidey's deadliest foes! All this, and a secret side mission for The Black Cat. Plus an additional 8 page story: We showed you who was behind the Hobgoblin's mask last issue. But what were they up to before their startling return? Here's where you find out! 40 PGS./ $3.99
Lee: It’s official, Spiderman has more costumes than Tony Stark has iron suits.
Greg: Yeah, but it looks cooool. Spidey's been pretty good lately, but it'll be nice to have a single creative team (well, writer at least) at the helm again.

Written by Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning
Penciled by Brad Walker Cover by Doug Braithwaite
In the aftermath of Shadowland, Marvel’s greatest street heroes “ Punisher, Moon Knight, Shroud, Elektra, Paladin, Silver Sable, Ghost Rider, Iron Fist, Falcon, Misty Knight and more “ leap into one all-new series! Who has brought these dangerous loners into one fighting force? How is this network different from all other teams? Who is their first target, and what mysteries wait for them? 40 PGS./ $3.99
Lee: Again? Really? It seems like once or twice a decade this title gets revived for 20 or so issues. Given the cast of characters, I’m not sure how this is different from any issue of the Defenders. Hopefully DA & AL can do something with this cast.
Greg: I'm pretty skeptical of this relaunch, but hey, Abnett and Lanning made cosmic Marvel interesting. Its at least worth a look.

HULK #28
Written by Jeff Parker
Penciled by Gabriel Hardman & Mark Robinson Cover by ED Mcguinness
Scorched Earth Convergence! Rick Jones (Aka The A-Bomb) finds the source of the next doomsday scenario & immediately gets in over his head on the most dangerous patch of ground in the Pacific...Monster Island! Fortunately for Rick- (or not)- Red Hulk is nearby and heads in for the deadliest mission yet. Can our monsters stop their monsters? Or will they become the key pieces in the Intelligencia's master plan? 40 PGS./ $3.99
Lee: There might be a worse way to get killed other than getting stepped on by a giant foot full of hangnails, but I’m not sure what it might be. Then again I could read any issue of Crossed and probably find out what they are.
Greg: If we're going off past issues of Crossed, it would probably be a foot full of giant hangnails with a scrotum hanging off it. Just a guess.

Written by David Liss
Penciled by Francesco Francavilla Cover by Simone Bianchi
In the wake of Shadowland, there’s a new protector of Hell’s Kitchen! He has no kingdom, no vibranium, and no high-tech safety net--just bloody knuckles and the will to prove himself in a foreign land where the fiercest of jungle predators stalks the most dangerous urban prey! His name is T’Challa, and in the aftermath of Shadowland, he will create a new life, a new identity, and learn what it is to be a different kind of hero. But with Daredevil gone, the bad guys are coming out to play, and a new nemesis--Vlad the Impaler--plots his bloody rise to power. 32 PGS./ $2.99
Lee: It work for the incredible Hercules so maybe it will work for the Black Panther too. I’m not completely sold but it’s worth investigating the first couple of issues.
Greg: Herc's been one of my favorite books for the past few years, the art on this looks amazing, and I've heard good things about the writer. I'm really looking forward to this. And I'm glad that Marvel is trying something different and realizes they can't just throw these second or third tier characters out there and just hope for the best.

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