Monday, January 03, 2011

A Fisful of Reviews

Green Lantern Corps #55 (DC)

So we finally get the reveal on the reason Guy and Ganthet are working with Atrocious. I guess since this was already fairly obvious the bigger plot point was that now it's semi-public knowledge. I am interested in why the Sinestro Corps showed up but not Sinestro. I'm really more interested in the main plot with Qward than the sub plot with the emotion spectrum entities. Maybe it's just me but Blackest Night was a major event and I feel like there needs to be a longer break before there's another universe level threat.

Larfleeze Christmas Special (DC)

I normally don't like the seasonal specials for comic books but I was pretty entertained by this one. Although I thought they could have ended it with Hal giving Larfleeze a gift. Either was it was both funny and cute and still was a good Christmas story. Using the greedy lantern as the main character was a good idea.

Warlord of Mars #3 (Dynamite)

While I'm still enjoying this book the art is a bit off sometimes. Also, Woola looks ridiculous. He kind of looks like a giant happy multi-legged slug. Outside of my occasional problems with the art I'm still having fun reading this book. Although the cover is pretty misleading to anyone being drawn in by the mostly naked Dejah Thoris pinup. Only naked men in this issue!

Wonder Woman #605 (DC)

This issue was a nice interlude (well until the very end I suppose when the action started up again). It was nice to find out about how Diana had grown up and see how she tries to help people outside of the Amazons. Also I like the cat, Gal. I've slowly come to appreciate this version of Wonder Woman more - at the very least it's interesting to see where the story is going.

Emerald Warriors #5 (DC)

I feel really bad for Kilowog. Also I swear that Green Lanterns are killed off with little regard in DC comics these days. I'd be going a bit off the deep end same as Kilowog if I was seeing that happen to the GLs I had trained. Either way this book still seems to be lacking focus but at least there seems to be a bad guy goal now.

Invincible #76 (Image)

Sometimes, despite how good of a comic Invincible is the blood and gore is overwhelming enough to be numbing. I mean it's hard to be imapacted by something when it seems to be the normal course of the book. It's good Oliver is still alive though.

Mouse Guard: The Black Axe #1 (ASP)

This was from the previous week but I didn't get around to reading those books until this week. I am so excited about this mini-series. It's off to a good start following a younger Celanawe as his one remaing relative tracks him down to help fulfill a family oath. Early on they have to evade hunters pursuing them. As usualy David Peterson's art is gorgeous and the story pulls you in. I can't wait until the next issue!

Legion of Superhoeroes #8 (DC)

So Mon'el is the new leader. Now we know that the most popular Legionarre is Mon'el since this was, in theory, from the online voting. My fiance was happy since Mon'el and Timber Wolf were his top choices. Of course this makes me wonder if other people are as annoyed as I am about Levitz's interperation of Shadow Lass as it also screwed over Mon'el - not that I'm bitter or anything. At least I still have Mouse Guard to make me happy.

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