Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Fisful of Reviews

iZombie 9 (Vertigo)

Ah, you can just tell this whole Gwen and Horatio relationship is headed for disaster. Of course I guess that's what makes the whole zombie and monster hunter relationship thing intriguing. I am wondering what Gwen is going to do when she has to help someone who she actually knew in her living life. Especially when Gwen doesn't remember all of her living life.

JSA 14 (DC)

I don't like this artists version of Wildcat (jr). He's drawn with an oddly large head and it sort of bothers me when he's on a panel because of it. Either way as interested as I was in the artifact thefts I fell that JSA needs to be written almost more like the older Legion books - When you have that many characters to work with on a team you can usually tell better stories focusing on smaller groups rather than having so many characters in the same place at the same time.

Next Men 2 (IDW)

I think that I'm having a hard time reconnecting with these characters. It's been so very long since I read the original Next Men stories that I only vaguely recall the history and having them scattered across time makes it even harder for me to care about them anymore. Either way I'll keep reading as I remember liking the original books - I'm just not into this series so far.

Brightest Day 17 (DC)

So far what I'm getting from this is that the ring is powered by good acts and living life to the fullest? I'm not sure what the point thus far is supposed to be but I do like thtat Boston is being fleshed out as a character and him and Dove dating is really cute. I know that this is supposed to be building towards the ring finding its bearer but so far Brightest Day is hit or miss. This issue was fine but I don't feel the story advanced that much more.

Superboy 3 (DC)

So everybody can know Conner is actually Superboy! It wouldn't matter as much except that it kind of puts Clark's secret ID in jeopardy as well. Besides that I enjoy this book. I really like Conner as a character and I like that DC has given him his own book to let him develop more as his own person. And Kyrpto is really funny.

Echo 27 (Abstract)

Well Dillon knows that Annie's alive through Julie now - not that there's been much clarification on how Julie feels about that besides her being okay with Dillon kissing them. I'm curious to see if they find a way to cure Ivy before she completely regresses.

The Walking Dead 80 (Image)

I like how this story is always changing and evolving. For awhile now there's been a sense of growing safety and a chance to really allow the characters to have some sort of hope - but now they're surrounded and there may be no way out. I'm looking forward to te next issues which will show how the survivors cope with their new situation.

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