Monday, January 10, 2011

A Fisful of Reviews

Action Comics 896 (DC)

Secret Six should really remain under Gail Simone's care. This wasn't a bad portrayal but Simone really brings the Six to life. And while I am entertained by robot Lois I really read this book for the back up Jimmy Olsen comics. Jimmy Olsen is so well written in these stories - still a bit dorky but in a cute easily likable way - that these stories are much more appealing to me than the adventures of Lex Luthor. Also, I have a hard time with the Lex Luthor character now that he's supposed to be originally from Smallville. The reworking of his background makes him hokey somehow. Lex Luthor should be scarey - the way Kevin Spacey played him. Lex is just a bit too over the top for me these days. And yes, I know he was written that way in the past too but he makes a better bad guy when he's doesn't come across as ridiculous. Maybe it's just me.

Green Lantern 61 (DC)

I love the Red Lanterns so I didn't really mind that Green Lantern wasn't even in this issue. Atrocius is a fun rage-filled character and the only RL I like better is rage-kitty. This was a good RL story with a father being angry at the man who killed his daughter. I like that Atrocious stands up to Spectre when Spectre tries to judge the father of the girl for killing the man who murdered his child while under the influence of the Butcher. It was a weel done story even if Spectre is a character that makes less and less sense these days.

Captain America 613 (Marvel)

I really liked Bucky as Capt America and it's kind of sad that they're dragging his character through this whole Winter Soldier trial. Also, I keep waiting for them to put a witness on the stand to explain the temporal paradox that would have had to occur for Bucky to have possibly done all the things his character is supposed to have done in the time period in which it seems to have occured. Because really, I've read that timeline and it makes no sense.

Widowmaker 2 of 4 (Marvel)

If my girl went and ran off with some other man while I was in the middle of fighting for my life I'd be more concerned about it than Hawkeye appears to be. Not that Mockingbird put up too much of a fight about running out on the man she supposedly loves but maybe I missed something. Either way it's really hard to follow what's going on in this book as it seems somewhat disjointed at times but it is a miniseries so hopefully it will pull together by the end.

Batman Annual 28 (DC)

Yay a French Batman! Lee must be excited to have a Batman where he lives! Also they need to stop branding Renee Montoya. Seriously. Either way this was a decent Batman Inc story I suppose. I'm still not sold on the whole Batman Inc idea but I'm giving it some more time before passing judgement. I suppose I should just be happy that Dick is still a Batman and be grateful for that. There was some pretty entertaining dialog in this annual but in some ways the story felt rushed.

Green Arrow 7 (DC)

Soooo, am I the only one who is confused as to where this whole Ollie's mother story came from? Or is DC just trying to come up with some neat explanation for why Ollie's such a jerk all the time? I mean I understand trying to make a storyline personal but I feel like this is a whole lot of background for a character who's had several origin stories without me remembering anything mentioned in the past about this life shattering trauma Ollie experienced as a kid. Seriously, if this was around before someone tell me - I'm curious.

X23 4 (Marvel)

I like Lui's comic books much more than her novels. Either way I'm enjoying this serious as Laura becomes a more fleshed out character. I'm not sure about the wierd ghost town at the end of this issue or why Laura's Mom is a what looks to be a stripper costume but I guess I'll just have to wait for next issue. I did like how Laura doesn't agonize over killing a bad man this issue - she just accepts it as something that needed to be done.

Gotham City Sirens 18 (DC)

I hate what DC has done with Zantana and the whole mind erasing thing. Especially as I feel she wouldn't do that to someone after all the things that happend with it previously. At least they had her stop I suppose. Also... I love Harley Quinn. She is awesome.

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