Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hope for DC Collections

I was reading an old Tales of the Unexpected with a Space Ranger story and some other great science fiction stories of the early sixties. DC has such a great library of this material and no high end collections are every being done of this stuff.

Dark Horse is doing old Gold Key and Warren Stuff, we had a small run of EC and IDW is doing wonderful work with comic strips. DC just leaves this material alone. Captain Comet, Space Cabby, Star Rovers, Space Ranger, Ultra the Multi-Alien and many just great stories. The writers and artists are a who's who of the silver age, yet this earlier material seldom sees the light of day.

As I was reading in one of the old Public Services Ads just cracked me up with the simple message, yet it actually is not a bad one either. Still if DC ever does collect this material not including these ads would be a shame. For your enjoyment I include it with this post.

A different time, but still a valid message. Of course now we are more concerned with drugs, sex and violence, but hey you know it felt like a simpler time.


  1. I think I'll print that out and leave it where the kids can read it and see what comments we get...

  2. Evan then, did anyone actually say "golly"?

  3. Matthew - Good Luck

    Thomm - Not to my knowledge and I never remember a gee willikers either.