Sunday, May 06, 2012

Comic Covers Sunday: Exotic Romances

Many many thanks to Jim for covering for me this week.  It's been over the top busy and life finally overwhelmed my comic book addictions.  Anyway, to celebrate my whining I decided to look at a series that had some excellent weepy covers.  Today I give you Exotic Romances!  In which no one is exotic and the locations even less so!

Let's start with...

Exotic Romances #22.  Yep, tons of exotic here.  Maybe it's the fact that she appears slightly stalker-ish.  That could be exotic.

Exotic Romances #24. Besides the story about back stabbing sisters (always a top seller!) there is the one about "Too Many Sweethearts."  I gotta admit, I am curious what defines too many sweethearts in 1950's America.

Exotic Romances #27 doesn't have the best cover but it's got the best stories.  With tales like "I waited too late," "Afraid to Marry," and "Did I love him enough?" it would have been hard to resist this issue.

Exotic Romances #28. Based on that look, it really appears that the officer was using the girl to get to the private.  Now that's exotic!

Exotic Romances #31.  As a man, if I am to understand this cover correctly, all women are "husband hunters."  Good to know... but a little late for me.  Another classic tale in this issue, "I was the girl in his past."  What did all the ex's in the world do before Facebook???

That's all folks, now go enjoy your Sunday.

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