Thursday, May 31, 2012

Snake Pit 2007 and 2008

And the last of the most recent mailings from Lee.  This is two books by Ben Snakepit.  Each book is 365 three panel comic strips that feature something going on in his life for each day of the year.  Ben works in a retail store as a manager and plays in a couple bands.  Ben also gets drunk and stoned a lot.  Ben has a girlfriend who also likes to get drunk and stoned a lot.

The problem with these books is that, as far as I could tell, that's all that happens.  To be fair, I only made it half way through 2007 because it was just the same things over and over.  There was one really long road trip one of his bands took that was interesting, but that was a very small part of it.

Now, truth be told, no one's life, seen on a daily basis, is probably all that interesting, which is a question of format for this book.  On the other hand, the life of a slacker is particularly uninteresting to me.  I might have more interest in the daily tribulations of parenthood and responsibility, both of which are nowhere in evidence in Snakepit, but even then it'd be a tough sell.

Really, does anyone want to read about my daily work investigating, negotiating, settling, and litigating (well, guiding litigation) auto claims?  With the wide variety in crazy and stupid things that show up in claims, that might be more interesting.  Of course, I don't have the free time of a slacker to write it up.  It's enough to try to write up these posts and my own daily posts on my own blog.

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