Sunday, May 13, 2012

Comic Covers Sunday: Mothers Day

So it's Mother's Day!  At my house this is one of the craziest days of the year outside of Christmas.  Not because of the gifts but because of the lengths we go to make sure Mom (Wife) is fully appreciated for one day.  In other news, do you have how hard it is to find a comic book with the word "Mom" or "Mother" in it?  Let me tell you, it's darn near impossible!   That's not true, I took the liberty of eliminating all titles like 'Hot Momma' and 'Mom's Love'... there's a surprisingly large amount of those and they are just nasty!  But I did find some good ones that were clean and wholesome.  So, on with our salute to Mother's Day!

What better way to appreciate Mom than with homemade comics.  This is great... as long as you don't read the fine print.  The big letters are nice though.

Ok, so I'm not perfect.  That's a picture of my wife (Mom in this house) in the letter box.  Rawr rawr.

What?  It says "Mother"!  Maybe it's followed by Goose but it still says Mother so this counts as a comic about mom's.

This is the one official Mother's Day comic book I could find.  And it's got bugs on the cover.  What I can I say, comic book boys will be comic book boys.

And this one... one of the best books ever.  Seriously, I have this, and once a year I reread it.  It's a moving tale about a young boy who's mother is there.  It makes you sad and happy all at once. 

That's all folks, now go enjoy your Sunday.... and call your Mom to tell her home much you love her!  Unless she's crazy, then just say you like her alot.

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