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Dark Horse Previews Review for May 2011

Lee: It is definitely getting to be summer time because DH is really diversifying the offerings again. A good month awaits everyone.
Thomm: I could go for a good month. I’ve been whittling down my superhero reading, so there’s some potential for new things.

Doug Sneyd (W/A), Hugh Hefner (W), and Lynn Johnston (W)
The scintillating cartoon works of Doug Sneyd, an artist for Playboy magazine since the eary 1960s, are now collected in this stunning art book. This book features the most lush, sumptuous, striking, and hilarious of Doug’s full-page cartoons. Readers will be charmed with the lovely scantily (and even non-) clad “Sneyd” girls and the one-line jokes they so ably illustrate. Don’t miss this collection by one of Playboy’s veteran cartoonists! This book includes a foreword by Playboy founder Hugh Hefner, an introduction by Lynn Johnston, cartoonist of the nationally syndicated strip For Better or For Worse, and reflections from the artist himself! Nearly three hundred full-color cartoons! The deluxe limited-edition collection features an exclusive print inside the book that is signed by the artist, presented in a handsome slipcase, and limited to one hundred copies FC, 248 pages, $39.99, HC, 9" x 12"FC, 248 pages, $100.00, Ltd. HC, 9" x 12"
Lee: Now this is a great art book, and I mean that even beyond the material. Sneyd is an excellent artist and the jokes are really quite funny. If you can get past where the cartoons first appeared, this is a fun book to both see and read.
Thomm: Why would you need to get past the cartoons appearing in Playboy? It’s a respectable publication. Pretty tame, really. What throws me is Lynn Johnston’s involvement. The frumpy characters of For Better of For Worse are a far cry from what I associate with Playboy and Sheyd. All that being said, this sounds like a good buy.

Bob Wood (W), Charles Biro (A), Jack Alderman (A), Dan Barry (A), George Tuska (A), Carmine Infantino (A), Dick Briefer (A), Bob Montana (A), Fred Guardineer (A), Pete Poplaski (Cover), and others
Gangsters, kidnappers, maniacal killers, and thugs of all stripes had their lurid stories recounted in Crime Does Not Pay! Featuring thrilling, brutal tales and disturbing, despicable characters, Crime Does Not Pay enthralled a nation and was the most popular comic book of its time. The series was a favorite target of Dr. Fredric Wertham and other censors and is partially responsible for the creation of the Comics Code Authority—yet it was also an inspiration for Harvey Kurtzman’s reality-based EC Comics. See why this series was both revered and reviled in this unique “best of” primer! Contains a selection of stories from across the series’ run in the 1940s, a new cover, an illustrated essay, and an introduction. FC, 224 pages, $19.99, TPB, 6 5/8" x 10 3/16"
Lee: OOOOHHHH yeah, I cannot wait to get this! Everyone talks about how bad EC comics were, but their partner in crime was this book. Crime Does Not Pay was full of great stories and great art. The best part is, unlike golden age superheroes, these stories will still read very well.
Thomm: From what I read this was really much more the reason for the Wertham insanity than the EC comics. Definitely well worth the buy in to see what got all the panties in a bunch.

Joe R. Lansdale (W), Doug Moench (W), Joe Harris (W), Dan Braun (W), Michael Woods (W), Nicola Cuti (W), Bill Morrison (W), Jason Shawn Alexander (P), Greg Ruth (P), Angelo Torres (P), Rahsan Ekedal (P), Hilary Barta (P), Michael Kaluta (P), Eric Powell (Cover), and others
Creepy Comics Volume 1 gathers all of the new material from the first two years of Dark Horse’s celebrated new Creepy series and collects it into one gargantuan book! This 184-page monstrosity features a spellbinding assortment of gory stories about all your favorite terror-inducing topics, including cannibals, lurking demons, werewolves, zombies, and psychotic murderers, illustrated in glorious black and white, following the great tradition of classic Creepy, with twenty bonus pages in full color! Collects Creepy #1-#4 and the two full-color stories from MySpace Dark Horse Presents. b&w, 184 pages, $19.99, TPB, 7" x 10"
Lee: There was a lot of buzz when this first came out and then the book was never heard from again. But, the first collection is here and the names/art sound too good to pass up so I am gonna try this.
Thomm: It does have some good creators attached to it, but I’ll wait to see what you have to say. I’m not a big horror reader in the first place, so it’ll have to have some good feedback for me to delve into it.

Various (W/A)
In this new, cranium-cracking collection, our award-winning Creepy Archives run continues to bring classic Warren horror anthology stories to modern readers! Collecting Creepy magazine issues #46-#50 and featuring a terrifying cover by acclaimed horror and fantasy illustrator Sanjulian, our latest excursion into terror brings us face to fang with the bizarre concoctions of Richard Corben, Doug Moench, Reed Crandall, Tom Sutton, Jerry Grandenetti, José Bea, and other familiar monsterminds and fan faves. This archival edition will also reprint all color covers, color “Loathsome Lore” stories, fan-art pages, letter columns, and essays from the original magazines, making our series essential for hardcore horror collectors and new readers alike! b&w, 248 pages, $49.99, HC, 8 3/8" x 10 7/8"
Lee: And since we’re on the topic of Creepy, if you have skipped this series now is the time to come back. This is the start of the era that has defined Creepy for an entire generation. It’s got Corben art at the height of his abilities! This is not to be missed.
Thomm: If it’s your thing, it’s not to be missed. Me, I can wait.

Nick Mamatas (W) and Brian Keene (W)A hilarious, shocking, terrifying thrill ride across the American landscape, The Damned Highway pays homage to the gonzo journalism of Hunter S. Thompson and the uncanny terrors of H. P. Lovecraft! Horror legend Brian Keene (The Rising) and cult storytelling master Nick Mamatas (Move Under Ground) dredge up a tale of drug-fueled eldritch madness from the blackest depths of the American nightmare. On a freaked-out bus journey to Arkham, Massachusetts, and the 1972 presidential primary, evidence mounts that sinister forces are on the rise, led by the Cult of Cthulhu and its most prominent member—Richard M. Nixon! Brian Keene is a two-time Bram Stoker Award winner. Nick Mamatas has been nominated for Bram Stoker, International Horror Guild, World Fantasy, and Hugo Awards. 232 pages, $14.99, Novel, 5 1/4" x 8"
Lee: It isn’t often we talk about books sans pictures but this sounded really good. It’s a cross between Hunter S. Thompson and Cthulhu! What’s not to like?
Thomm: Richard M Nixon, cult leader. Hee hee.

Mike Mignola (W/A/Cover), Richard Corben (A), Dave Stewart (C), and others
The oversized Hellboy hardcover series continues, collecting Mike Mignola and Richard Corben’s award-winning The Crooked Man story. Hellboy has racked up multiple Eisner Awards, numerous spinoffs, a prose line, video games, animated series, and two feature films. Hellboy Library Volume 4 collects two complete trade paperbacks full of short stories: The Troll Witch and Others and The Crooked Man, as well as an extensive selection of previously unreleased sketches and designs. FC, 312 pages, $49.99, HC, 9" x 12"
Lee: Sadly, I love the stories and hate the format. It’s just toooo big. I like oversized hc’s as much as the next guy but these are unwieldy and monstrous. It’s a heck of a bargain for the cost though.
Thomm: Yeah, I’m really a trades aficionado. I’ll stick to that format.

Jill Thompson (W/A)Jill Thompson’s award-winning children’s series, Scary Godmother—widely known from the Cartoon Network animated feature—is back with more entertainment for readers of all ages in this complete comic-book collection! Collecting Scary Godmother #1–#6: Ghoul’s Out for Summer; Scary Godmother: Holiday Spooktacular; Scary Godmother: Bloody Valentine Special; Scary Godmother: Activity Book; Scary Godmother: Wild about Harry #1–#3; Scary Godmother and Friends Ashcan; Scary Godmother: Six Feet South of the Border from Action Girl #13; and more! Collection includes a nineteen-page, full-color sketchbook section! b&w, 312 pages, $24.99, TPB, 6 5/8" x 10 3/16"
Lee: I think I already have most of this in one format or another but I am going to get it again. For the kids of course! If you’ve never read SG then you don’t know what you are missing. Great stories and great art. This is well worth the price of admission.
Thomm: It’s not calling me, but it sounds good and it’s a good deal. I’ll have to eyeball it and see what I want to do.

Lee: DH is just churning out good material these days. I really need them to stop because I don't have the budget for all of this!
Thomm: Definitely a very good month for DH. A lot of good stuff to check out.

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