Friday, March 11, 2011

Stuff of Legends: Review

by guest writer: André

Stuff of Legend: The Jungle #4
(th3rd world studios)

I was just gifted with a preview of the next issue of “The Stuff of Legend.” So far Th3rdworld Studios has produced a graphic novel of the highest caliber. A gripping story, developed characters, and inspired setting combine with striking art and design to produce a New York Times best selling graphic novel. In short: this is what comics should be.

For those unfamiliar with the story: The Boogeyman is real and the he has taken a young boy into the dark, a place where lost uncared for toys reside. Some of his toys take on the mission to rescue him. Of course this isn’t easy, every inch of ground gained in the dark comes at a price. Every yard of ground gained in the dark comes at a price. Loyalties are tested, as toys put their principles, friendships, and very lives on the line for the boy who they know will one day leave them. Toys must fight, make hard choices and deals with the different factions of the lost toys that reside in the dark.

The set up easily engages younger audiences and keeps them with themes that relate to audiences of all ages. Everyone can enjoy the art with range enough to capture some of the intense action packed scenes and still convey the emotion of a single still framed glance. (Who knew a teddy bears face could be so expressive.) While there are some scenes that contain violence, it is restrained so as not to detract from the story or keep younger readers away. All readers can enjoy the quality of story and complex characters facing individual dilemmas.

Th3rdworld sets a high bar and the next issue doesn‘t disappoint; we get action, back story, and character development. Of the diverse cast of characters, my favorite is Maxwell, the protective teddy bear. In the dark he turns into an actual bear, with a bearish attitude to match. (Don’t fret, he still keeps his bow tie) Since he has a starring role this issue I was obviously excited. Last issue left of with Maxwell confessing to letting the Boogey Man in and now we get an explanation. While I do have mixed feelings about where the story leaves off, I am very eager to see where it goes next. Especially since my next favorite character is Jester and it looks like he is next in line to take center stage.

Grade A


  1. I wasn't overly impressed with the previews I read when this series was starting, but it seems to have gone on well. Perhaps a trade purchase this weekend.

  2. buy it at Borders - they have everything on sale since they're going out of business

  3. Great idea Gwen. Unfortunately, the Borders near me hasn't started to discount items yet.

  4. I love this book. Great review. So many great characters, how can you have a favorite. The pig is great, and so is the indian princess. Jester is SO cool.