Saturday, August 04, 2007

Neozic #1 - A Review

Written by Paul Ens, Art by J. Korim Colors by Jessie Lam

Premise: the comet missed the earth and dinosaurs did not die. 65,000,000 years later humans are living in a world of dinosaurs.

This book hits the mark; it does what comics do better then anyone else. It tells a fantastic adventure in a fantastic setting and tells it well. Of course I was sold with just the cover, a dinosaur, a beautiful woman and a big sword; this replaces whiskers on kittens and raindrops on roses as some of my favorite things.

The premise of this story is great because it is so straightforward and easy. It also provides for endless possibilities of how you can make this new version of earth work. The story is well done by Paul Ens (whom I’m unfamiliar with) in that we are immediately given a picture of how humans have learned to co-exist with dinosaurs, via walled cities.

The story then focuses on setting up some of the main characters, creating a danger whereby a dinosaur threatens the city and we see a protector of the city, Lilli Murko, show how a human can take a dinosaur down.

Then it ends with a mysterious human that seems to be living among the dinosaurs and Lilli is going to find out what is going on.

An excellent beginning. It does everything a first issue should do: sets the premise, introduces main characters, gives us immediate action and starts a story that leaves us wanting the next issue after we finish the first issue.

The art work is also well done. Strong story telling skills and some innovative layouts really enhance the feeling of action and movement in this book. The artist has a lighter tone to the work to their work, but avoids making it feel cartoony. There was a few issues with the speed lines that seemed out of place, but all in all I was very pleased with the artwork and feel that it fits this fantastic world very well. The more subtle pallet was a great choice for the book and gives the story more of a feel of being in a different type of world then our own.

Bottom Line this book has sold me and I’m signing up to buy this book and would recommend this to anyone. It is almost an all age book also, except the dinosaur violence scenes maybe too intense for a very young child.

Buy it and read it, I’m betting you will enjoy it.


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Gwen said : Despite the fact that the premise of the story is evolutionarily impossible it is an enjoyable read. It has gorgeous and unique artwork with a fast paced but intriguing opening story. Also, this is a book that can reach a large audience, which is a rare find in itself! Grade A
Lee said: Story moved quickly but seemed cluttered with to many characters to early. Characters appear to be typical cliche of "wanna be hero", "Super skilled but insubordinate soldier", etc etc. Plot wise, this is obviously this is leading to one of those quest like stories. Art was good with heavy Manga influences. Good if you like that thing but personally, I am burnt on the whole "Lost world" theme. OVERALL GRADE: B-


  1. Still shocked you two liked it as much as you did.

  2. I'm shocked that you didn't like it as much as we did - I mean, it's a light fun comic with very nice art. I want this artist to draw my comic book!