Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sunday Post - Random Thoughts

The contest is on hiatus for a while. As I stated last week I plan to do it on a more sporadic basis and hopefully try to come up with some different contests and do some more interesting prizes. So look for it in the future.

Congratulations to Matthew, Jeff and Gwen for winning last week's contest.

We are approaching the one year mark as of this Friday and we will mark the anniversary with thoughts from all three of us.

The Orioles are still an interesting and fun team to watch and it is August. This is a revelation as the Orioles are working on a tenth season in a row without a winning season. Usually over the last few years any hopes that I had for the team had been dashed into the ground and the team has folded like a cheap suit. This year they are still playing hard.

My house was host to a customer appreciation party for Cosmic Comics. The owner of the store threw a party for all of his regular customers. No gimmick, nothing to buy, no guest had to bring anything, just a simple thank you for a being a customer at his store. Now as this is unheard of and as most "comic people" are usually more introverts as a general rule, we had a turn out of around 100 people (when it could have been 300 if everyone and their families showed). But it was a great party and a really fantastic gesture on Rusty's part. A class act for a store to give back to the customers who have help make the store a success.

A side benefit of the party was to get to hear what other people are reading and what has gotten them jazzed lately. Booster Gold is the surprise hit of last week and sounds like a winner for DC. People who I know are not big DC fans liked it and many others went into the book like I did, thinking why a Booster Gold series. What a wonderful revelation and a great read. Should be on any super hero fan's list

Solicitation time is coming up and due to timing we just finished the indies review and DC posts their new solicitations for November this Monday. As all three of us are commenting on DC it will be a few days before we get to posting it.

The Baltimore Comic Convention is in early September and I'm looking forward to going to it (as it is my home town). Should be a lot of fun and since doing this blog I have come in contact with a lot more people who are associated with the industry, so it should be even more fun this year. I need to go to the San Diego show one year (maybe 2008). My comic life has been one of fan, teaching a course on comics in college, owning a store for a few years (in the nineties) to fan and now running a blog that focuses mainly on comics.

Football is right around the corner and the Ravens look to have a great team and I have a DVR this year, so I can watch replays on any play.