Wednesday, August 22, 2007

White Out - A Review

The regular scheduled blog by Lee has been delayed as the tragic consequences of dealing with first time out for school beginning soon are being dealt with.

Okay this review comes as the, yeah I missed the book almost ten years again - so what.

Grek Rucka and Steve Lieber produced a fantastic story set in the wasteland that is Antarctica. Now as I am not a scholar on Antarctica or have direct knowledge of how things are set-up, but I do have enough of a brain and intuition to be able to discern a well researched book versus a fly by the seat of your pants book. This book appears to be well researched. The "facts" spread out in the story add context and a strong sense of realism. Add into the mix a murder mystery, job woes and understated romantic interest and you get one hell of a good story.

Steve Lieber takes Greg's story and makes it real. The cold, the wind, the bleakness feels real. It is a wonderful blending of words and pictures, that makes you feel how raw Antarctica is and how raw Stetko's emotions are, great contrast of nature and human nature.

This edition is a 6" x 9" format and I found it to be perfect and the artwork look fantastic in the smaller size. Sometimes shrinking the art can mute the details, but it worked fine with Lieber's art.

Bottom line if you have never read Whiteout - go to you comic store or online and order it. A great read. A really great blending of art and words transporting you to a place that you knew about, but never really knew about it.


  1. I could totally do reviews for stuff that was published 10 years ago... sometimes that's how long it takes me to get around to reading something =/

  2. Gotta agree with you Jim. The first Whiteout is one fantastic tale! Definitely one of Rucka's best pieces of comic work. It's hard to imagine Kate Beckinsale playing the lead role as she is so damn hot and the redhead in the story is so damn not. But that's who will be in the movie so we can only hope she brings with her not only great beauty, but also a stronger acting performance than she's given in any of her recent flicks.
    Take care!