Thursday, August 09, 2007

Random Collection of Occurances

Been a busy week here, so this is a collection of the random thoughts and events that occured that I haven’t had time to focus into anything coherent…

1) Play Time
There are times when I wonder if my children really play together. Don’t get me wrong, they’re in the same room. They’re even standing next to each other holding action figures. BUT I have to wonder if they are paying attention to each other. For example, when the Girl’s Barbie says “Let’s get married!” and the Boy’s Spiderman says “No way! BANG BANG! BANG!” yet neither acknowledges that anything the other said anything. Barbie continues to make wedding plans and Spiderman continues to blow things up.

2) The Real Truth vs The Ducks
I realized the other day that sometimes it’s easier to go visit the ducks that face the truth. Recently, I took the kids to an open house at the local organic farm. There were cows, and chickens, and fish, and all sorts of big farm animals. There were baby chicks, and baby turkeys, and all sorts of baby farm animals. The conversation started innocently enough,

Girl: Dad? What do they do with the little chicks?
Dad: Well, they sell them. In fact, we’ll buy one to take home.
Girl: (All excited) to have as a pet?
Dad: No, to have as dinner.
Long pause, with the faint sounds of the Girl’s gears grinding away as she tried to determine exactly what I meant
Dad: OK THEN, how about we go see the ducks?
Girl: (running off) YEAH DUCKS!

3) Grocery Store Dangers #1
I know the grocery store is dangerous with a pack of small children but I realized it is even more dangerous by oneself. When I take the kids to the store it’s merely a matter of making sure nothing breaks and nothing happens to “fall into” the basket. Things like Fruit Loops. BUT, grocery stores are even more trouble when you are buy yourself. Primarily, because, you will get caught reading Cosmo in the magazine aisle by the only other man in the store.

4) Grocery Store Dangers #2
Finally, no matter you may read elsewhere, calling your significant other while sitting in the bathroom at the local super market even if its to say “I was thinking of you and wanted you to know I love you” just isn’t romantic. Don’t know what it is but something gets lost in the translation.

Well that’s it for this week. Cheers!!!


  1. Are we doing labels now? And the last picture - is this from your private album?

  2. Lee, has anyone ever told you it's not nice to be taking pictures of people while they're using the bathroom? You can get arrested for that sort of thing... =D