Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Posting Adventures

So, I was all ready to post about the Boy's massive biking disaster... blood, guts, flailing limbs, shattered bicycle parts and all.

But then, Tiny got a cold and I was going to tell you how she started smearing snots all over the house

BUT THEN, THE RED SOX Crushed the Angels tonight.
A four hit, complete game decimation by Josh Beckett!!!!
AND, it was more important to tell you that.

But, in between all the baseball excitement I managed to learn something new this week. Honesty is never to be confused with empathy or understanding.

For example, let's say you are going away on a two week business trip and your youngest child is sick. Statements like "Ya know, if Tiny still has this cold when I go away your life is really gonna suck" don't endear you to your spouse. Apparently, statements of fact are, by nature, not sympathetic. Who knew?

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