Thursday, October 25, 2007

Random Thoughts

It has been a while since I just rambled on and on about various things and as this week's blog schedule got changed on short notice I decided that it was a good as a time as any for a whatever type of post.

First off, I hope people are really looking at the Ron Paul candidacy. Out of all of the candidates floating around out there he is the only one who really and sincerely seems to believe in what he says. I strongly feel that this country is in need of a revolution and that can be a bloodless revolution of ideas and not an armed overthrow of the government. I believe that there is a larger and larger portion of the population who are building an intellectual dissidence.

The Ravens are not looking that good this year. I know they have had a lot of injuries, but they are looking old this year and with our second half schedule we will be lucky to get to 9-7. Still you never know because except for the Patriots and maybe the Colts, the other 30 teams are all relatively close. Still no matter what the Patriots are already the Super Bowl favorite. If the Colts and Pats meet each other as undefeated teams and the Patriots win, they could go 19-0. As they are an entertaining team to watch, I hope they do it. I have always thought Tom Brady was the best in the league and leading a team to 19-0 will cement his place as one of the best of all time.

Red Sox versus the Rockies, this should be a good World Series and I used to love baseball, but I could care less. Maybe 10 years of the Orioles dashing my spring time hopes has killed my passion for baseball, but it is not longer there. Baseball is a sport to have on as background noise as I read or do some other project, but not to watch intently on my TV screen.

Comic book collections have become my "true" collection as any monthly books that I get I pass onto to Gwen, Jeff and now Jamie (in fact I get a few books as duplicate copies for some series so more then one person gets to read them). I could easily get the actual "comic books" that I consider to be mine into two long boxes. The other eight or so long boxes I'm holding for Gwen and Jamie. So back to the trades of the comics. I recently started looking and I think that even that collection has gotten to an extreme point and I may have to start picking and choosing what I really want to keep. Masterworks is up to 84 (I will soon skip one), Archives are well into the 80 plus categories, EC Archives is growing, Absolutes, Omnibuses are all continuing to add up. I still have about ten more hardcover collections on order this year. The Essentials and Showcases are piling up rapidly also. Net, net I need to re-evaluate the softcover side. If I don;t have time to read something in soft cover, I can probably pass on buying it. Collecting is a funny thing, it is enjoyable to do, but I really believe if I can't get around to enjoying it, it is just an object and really has no value.

As I said a random post.

We should be back to reviews and hope to have a couple more creator interviews shortly. One thing being in contact with the people behind the comic has shown me, that this industry has a lot or really decent people in it.


  1. Random responses...

    I fear your candidate is being drowned out by 9/11 Rudy and old fart Thompson. I've seen his stuff and would be encouraging to see him in office.

    The Ravens are done, I think. Unless something drastic happens during this bye week, I don't really see a lot of fun on the horizon. Maybe an upset against Pittsburgh would be something of a season saver.

    The World Series will be fun to watch in Colorado, just for the fact that it's the first time ever for them. The Red Sox fans, who used to be cool, have really started to sound like Yankee fans. May have to start lumping them together. You used to be able to talk with a Sox fan about how much they hate the Yankees, but no more.

  2. WHAT??? Red Sox fans only sound like Yankees fans because your team sucks!!!

    Huuummmm, that last comment may have proved your point.

    OH well. GO RED SOX