Thursday, October 04, 2007

Stargate and Why It Is Easier to Be A Johnny Come Lately

This year I decided to start watching Stargate SG-1 on DVD and have now watched nine seasons of the show. I had to put Season 10 on hold to watch a few seasons of the spin-off Stargate Atlantis. Now I bring this up because the entertainment medium of today allows it to be much easier to be a "johnny come lately" when it comes to pop culture.

Years ago if you had missed watching a show that your friends were watching you would just have to catch the next episode and try to figure out what is going on. Today; I skipped watching this show for 10 years and have now really enjoyed becoming a fan late in the day on this show. Hell I have loaned the Farscape DVDs out and made people fans of that show that was cancelled years ago.

I bring this up because recently my younger daughter has taken a renewed interest in comics. One book I think she will like is Blue Beetle, so I picked up the first trade and a couple recent issues and gave them to her to read. Gone are the days are searching the back issue boxes in multiple stores to pull together a run of a book. The library of graphic novels and trades that are out there has never been larger and when someone is interested or expresses an interest it is so easy to introduce them to material. I have loaned out Fables, Nightly News, Wormwood the Gentleman Corpse, the hard covered Fell collection and tons of other stuff.

I truly believe that the diversity of material that is readily available all the time just needs to find their market. The millions that read Harry Potter and James Patterson or other books would find something of interest in graphic form also. How to get to that untapped potential is the big question.

Still it is nice to know that I can "miss" a really good thing, but still catch up with limited or little trouble today.


  1. Pfft. Weak post. What's the matter.. .sinus infection.

  2. Yes a sinus infection, still at least it wasn't just a sports post. A Boston sports fan will be hard to live with this year as two of his teams are going great guns. (sigh)

  3. Sorry to hear about your sinus infection, Jim. As for Lee, leave him alone. He only gets to do this about once every 5 years or so, so he's due. Insufferable? Yeah, but no worse than Steeler fan.