Tuesday, May 18, 2010

3:16 PM Special Delivery

WOW! Thanks for the cake everybody!!! It even has the correct number of candles on it.
(And I'll award the first person that identifies the comic and issue number this cake first appeared in an official Comics And No-Prize, which is no prize at all! I had a hard time finding it myself -- all I could remember was that Sue had a really awful haircut [that's a clue].)

I don't mind getting older and having birthdays, because I still like getting presents and usually those presents are TOYS! Now, I have the unfortunate reputation of buying my own presents and it's gotten so bad that I've stopped doing that lately. This usually means I have nothing to open on my actual birthday. That doesn't stop me from celebrating though and what better way to celebrate than taking a day off of work and starting with a bowl of Quisp!

My wife actually surprised me with a party this past Saturday and it was great!

My brother gave me an early extra special birthday present on Easter after we had gone to our home church and visited my father's grave. He gave me my Daddy's 5-string banjo!

This morning, I did order another set of the new Green Lantern Retro-Action figures (one for me and one for Matthew Jr. when he turns 4 in a few years.) This time they've improved the color scheme (darker greens) on the figure over the ones I got after Christmas. Fortunately, he can't kill anyone with the boxing glove.

Now, there are some other cool things I would like such as some new Target JLU figures (if you can find them) and other things that won't be out for a few more months. My family was so generous with birthday money this year that I actually may save some of it for a new original Spider-girl art page.

Of course, there is always the wish list that you know will never be filled like a national monument or a small moon or space station, specifically a Lego space station.
I would be able to afford this set, if I had only saved $10 for each one of my birthdays.

Sorry for the interruption, but I couldn't resist doing something to commemorate my birthday to the minute. Greg's post will be up shortly.

Have a great day -- I know I am!!!

20 years ago I celebrated my birthday with a rafting trip down the James River. I always wanted to do that again -- guess time has a way of getting away from you.


  1. Happy Birthday!

    It sounds like it's been great.

  2. Happy Birthday Matthew!

    It's my fiance's birthday today too!