Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Week of May 5 In Review

This is another abbreviated version of my regular column. Next week it will be back to what I usually do, but this week I would hate for five books to not get their moment in the sun from me.

The five books that impressed me the most this week were IZombie #1, Red Robin #12, Killer Modus Vivendi #1 (of 6), Brightest Day #1 and Nemesis The Imposters #3 (of 3).

IZombie is the new series from Vertigo and if a year ago you told me three new series would be about a boy with Antlers, Vampires and a Zombie I would have asked if Karen Berger left Vertigo and with her exit did they lose their mind. Sweet Tooth, American Vampire and now IZombie are all great books. This book got off to a great start and they set the premise for the series nicely. Our central character is Gwen who needs to eat a brain a month to keep from turning into a “real” zombie, the kicker is she gets the person’s memories to go with the brain eating experience. When you realize the first issue was only a buck, that is a steal of a deal.

Red Robin #12 was an absolutely great cap to the first year of the book. Tim confronts Ras As Ghul and at the same time has the entire Bat Family being protected from Ras’ assassins. Also Tim has pulled out a rabbit from his hat and saved Wayne Enterprises from Hush. At the same time he goes to fight Ras head to head knowing full well he will lose the fight, but he was just buying time to pull off all of his maneuvers. Ras kicks Tim through a window and Batman saves him. Dick asks Tim how he knew he would be there and Tim says because they are brothers and he knows Dick will always have his back. The Bat universe has never been cooler then it is right now.

Killer Modus Vivendi #1 picks up four years later. The Killer is bored with early retirement and starts to takes jobs again. The first is a hit made to look like a murder/suicide; next he steals a car and runs over his hit who is riding a moped. Next up is a nun who is the Latin America Mother Theresa and even the Killer is second guessing himself with this hit. Now the Killer is trying to find out who wants her killed and why, never a good idea. Looking forward to see where this goes.

Nemesis the Imposters#3 (of 4) has to be the most surprising book around. This book continues to confound and confuse the reader as to what is what, who is who and what the heck is going on, but this crazy thrill ride is a magnificent book. I can’t figure out the whole thing and Tom Tresser could be crazy or he could be truly on a mission. I can’t wait for the next issue and I’m hoping we have another mini-series coming out later about Tom.

Finally Brightest Day #1 was all that I wanted it to be and more. We have a multiple character focus and each character gets a few pages of story each issue so far. Johns and Tomasi are really making the whole thing work and I’m left wondering why these people are back from the dead and what is wrong with them. Aquaman using his control of marine life is warped as he is commanding the dead denizens of the deep. I loved the power levels of Aquaman and Mera as they would be powerful and almost invulnerable considering they can withstand the incredible pressures deep under the ocean. I think someone finally figured it out that Aquaman, far from being a weakling, is one of the strongest heroes around.

A great week of books and just a great week in general because I got to spend time with my three favorite women, Karen, Gwen and Jamie!

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