Friday, May 28, 2010

Indies Preview Review for July Part 3 of 3

Lee: Ok, I didn’t think I would get a chance to check for more books but I gave up sleep for the team! Here’s the last of the last Indie picks.
Jim: Geez Lee is such a martyr, I mean good guy.

Antarctic Press
Boneyard: Resurrected #1 by (W/A) Richard Moore
Remastered by the chroma-kings of GURU-eFX, the original issue of Richard Moore's Boneyard rises from its grave to brighten your day in a whole new way! Michael Paris arrives in the quiet, curiously overcast town of Raven's Hollow to handle his recent real estate inheritance—a cemetery. One inhabited by monsters, no less. The townsfolk all welcome him warmly, certain that he'll sell the land to them. Then they can destroy that moldy old graveyard and drive off its horrible inhabitants. But the monsters, especially a charming, sexy vampire named Abbey, have their own side of the story to tell... Featuring all new cover art and bonus sketches by Richard Moore! $3.99
Lee: Let’s start by saying Boneyard was an awesome series. It was great! It was full of warmth, happiness, and humor. More books should be like Boneyard. That said, it was published by NBM. I wonder why the sudden move to Antarctic? But, if you missed it the first time, this is your chance to catch up.
Jim: I have tried to read Boneyard a couple of times and it never clicks for me.

Candlewick Press
Salem Brownstone HC by (W) John Harris Dunning (A) Nikhil Singh
A mundane life takes a strange and magical turn in this rich gothic fantasy told with vivid black-and-white art. As he twists the key and slowly creeps into the grand mansion left to him in his father's will, Salem Brownstone has an eerie feeling that his world is about to change. First there's the appearance of a beguiling contortionist from Dr. Kinoshita's Circus of Unearthly Delights, then a crystal ball, then an attack by the sinister Shadow Boys. It seems Salem's father was a powerful magician, and the son has inherited his dark legacy - and an unfinished battle for life or death. $18.99 A long discussion of the book with Dunning here. And Singh’s art here. Finally, if you’re really curious, there’s a Youtube preview somewhere too.
Lee: This crew came from the small, small press scene and has enough of a following to support a hc. I’m impressed by that. The story seems to be very Goth with comparisons to Lenore, and the goth books from SLG. The art looks good too. I’m taking a chance with this one but I pretty sure I’ll be pleased.
Jim: Good for you because I'm not. I like some of this type of material, but usually only read it when it is gifted or loaned to me.

Humanoids Inc
I Am Legion Deluxe HC by (W) Fabien Nury (A) John Cassaday
A supernatural take on World War II featuring lush artwork by John Cassaday in a deluxe hardcover format. World War II rages as two supernatural entities pursue collide in a conflict hinged on ideologies and the lives of men. Beneath it all, the Nazi pursue a project called "LEGION," centering on a young Romanian girl named Ana with the ability to possess other bodies. $17.95
Lee: I’ve always held off on this because it was “just another trade.” I buy enough trades that I decided to pass. Now, it’s a fancy hc and I’ve caving. I loves me some Cassaday art, especially in hc.
Jim: The art was fantastic but the story was tough as crap to follow in chapters, I'm in for this and hope it reads better in one sitting.

Last Gasp
Tokyo Underground Vol. 02 HC by (W/A) Brian Flynn, Joshua Bernard
The definitive book on toy shopping in Tokyo is back! Updated and expanded, this refreshing guidebook covers the essentials of travel to Japan without getting bogged down by extraneous information. A comprehensive resource, Tokyo Underground 2 makes the most secret shops and the coolest destinations accessible in a single book, offering a true insider's glimpse into the absolute latest in Tokyo toys, trends, and culture. $19.95
Lee: Not that I’m going to Tokyo anytime soon (heck I just got to France) but this sounds really cool. I managed to go to the toy and comic shops in the town I live in but I sure would have loved a guide book. Could you imagine a toy/comic guide to DC or NYC?
Jim: You are kidding me, please tell me you are kidding me about getting this book.

Honey West #1 (cover A - McClinton) by (W) Trina Robbins (A) Cynthia Martin
The return of the world's first female private eye in fiction and on TV! As tough as Mike Hammer and as sultry as Marilyn Monroe! Danger lurks in Hollywood when topless piano player Mimi Malloy walks into Honey West's office. There's been a double homicide at her nightclub, the Purple Pussy, and Mimi suspects she's the next victim! Honey goes undercover as a go-go dancer and mixes it up with Hollywood hippies to uncover the "Killer on the Keys." Available with covers by David Lloyd and Malcolm McClinton or a special Anne Francis photo variant. $3.99
Lee: In case you missed it along the way, I love Comix and the queen of Comix was Trina Robbins. She’s had a long and storied career in both the Comix and Comics. She’s an author I trust, and Martin is an excellent artist too. This should be very good.
Jim: It's Honey West, how can it be anything but good. I'm not even sure I remember the TV show as it was probably before even my time, but Honey West is too good of a name to not try out at least issue #1.

Networked: Carabella on the Run GN by (W/A) Mark Badger & Gerard Jones
Some alien invasions are loud and bloody, some are quiet and friendly. The blue-skinned girl named Carabella thinks she's escaping the oppression of her own world, but instead she's exposing the earth to an invasion so soft and friendly that everyone welcomes it - until Carabella herself sees what's happening and tries to make anyone see that our websites, our cell phones, and even our shoes are being used to steal first the privacy and then the freedom of everyone on Earth. $12.99
Lee: Huuummmm, this is interesting. Let’s start with the plus’s: (a) Jones is a great writer who’s been in the industry a long, long time and (b) Badger has a great style that I’ve always liked since his first started in the 80’s. But, the story sounds awfully preachy to me. I think I understand the message but the hype reads like “After School Special” and not sinister, good read story. Tough call.
Jim: It sounds like what the government is already doing to us poor serfs and vassals. If the message is an examination of those issues okay, if it is preaching then it is a pass. We need a preview to make a better call.

Th3rd World Studios
Stuff of Legend: The Jungle #1 by (W) Mike Raicht, Brian Smith (A) Charles Paul Wilson III
Following the liberation of the board game town of Hopscotch, a brave band of toys continues the quest to rescue their human master from the nightmare realm of the Dark. With the Boogeyman's army fast approaching for battle, Max the teddy bear and his friends discover one of the Dark's oldest secrets, and a new threat that could destroy them all. #1 of 4, $4.25
Lee: The first Stuff of Legends was a huge hit and I’m sure this will be too. Jump on the bandwagon with all of us because there’s plenty of room.
Jim: I love this book and so happy to see if back for part 2. The beginning of Stuff is a thing of beauty, this should be just as fantastic. Can't WAIT!

Vanguard Productions
Vanguard Frazetta Classics Vol. 01: Johnny Comet HC by (W/A) Frank Frazetta
Frank Frazetta's famous newspaper-strip masterpiece Johnny Comet is back in a hardcover for the first time in 20 years! But, for the first time in any collection, it is being shot from Frank's personal artist's proofs making this the best reproduction ever! This is the definitive, official edition authorized by Frank Frazetta. Sunday pages NOW in FULL COLOR! $39.95
Lee: This sounds like an awesome collection. Since Frazetta died we should be seeing more and more of his work, and while I will miss his talent, I’m happy to rediscover material like this. Hopefully, Vanguard did this oversized in order to see the art and didn’t shrink it too much. Either way, I’m getting it.
Jim: Easy one to order, I just hope with Lee they did it justice.

Lee: A little out of order this month, but still a big selection to choose from.
Jim: Always way too much for me to spend, but I'm happy when the books show up.

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