Thursday, May 13, 2010

Birds of Prey #1 A Review

Birds of Prey #1

Publisher DC Comics

Writer Gail Simone

Art Ed Benes

Colors Nei Ruffino

Format 25 Pages of Story and Art

Price $2.99

Sometimes you can go home again and it will be alright.

I hated when this book was cancelled as there seemed to be no logical reason for it other than DC seemed intent on ending every title that Chuck Dixon ever started for them. True or not it was a conspiracy fans that comic book fans could not resist. Chuck had been long gone from this title and Gail Simone was wowing everyone with her work on this book. It appeared like Gotham City Sirens was the heir apparent, but while entertaining that book does not shine like Birds of Prey. It seems like this and Secret Six are books that are just made for Gail as her strengths are relationships and straight super hero adventures with an edge. This book starts off with a rush, brings the team back together, adds some new blood and sets up a mission and introduces a new villain. Hell of a job for 25 pages.

Ed Benes art and Nei Ruffino on colors also hit all the right marks for me. I’m not a huge Ed Benes fan and felt his JLA work was inconsistent at best, but again coming home to Birds I’m loving his work. Not sure how much he was inking and how much Nei helped out, but the collaboration is some of the best work I have seen from Ed Benes in a couple of years. Ed can draw a beautiful and voluptuous woman and Birds has that in abundance with Black Canary, Huntress, Lady Blackhawk, Oracle and now Dove. There are a few panels here and there that are not perfect, but his story telling is very good and his women are excellent.

The combination of Gail and Ed made me love the book from the first sequence. It was a rescue operation by Canary and Zinda (Lady Blackhawk). Gail makes Canary a very dangerous woman and a major hero in her own right. Under Gail’s pen this is the Black Canary that I like to see and she should never be second fiddle to Green Arrow. It is just so much fun seeing all the girls back in action. I love how dangerous Black Canary and Huntress are and how man hungry Zinda can be at times, yet still ready to fly any type of helicopter or plane. Even Hawk and Dove are getting some interest from me under Gail’s capable pen. This book just makes me happy to see the band back together and sounding better than ever.

The restart of the Birds is given a solid reason, the addition of Hawk and Dove still needs to be explained, but I’m confident Gail can make it work. The new villain at the end of the book has me waiting for more as she is revealed as the White Canary. In some ways it sounds lame, but I’m already sold just reading the book.

Overall Grade A – Action, adventure, beautiful women, great characterization, great story, very good art, welcome back BOP, hope you are here to stay.

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