Monday, September 25, 2006

What I'm Getting This Week and Random Thoughts

Can you say massive frelling comic book week. Well I can and this Wednesday is a killer. The book shelf items are Enemy Ace Archives #2 - some absolutely beautiful Joe Kubert artwork and solid stories by Robert Kanigher, Walking Dead Volume 5 (great stuff and read best as a trade), Essential Tales of The Zombie, probably Essential Thor Vol #4, comics - 52, Action, American Virgin, Batman, Batman and the Mad Monk, Batman: Journey into Knight, Blue Beetle, Hawkgirl, Jack of Fables, JSA Classified, JLA, Loveless, Secret Six, Supergirl, Supergirl and the Legion of Super Heroes, Teen Titans, Trials of Shazam, Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters, Captain America, Daredevil, Zombie, War of the Worlds Second Wave, Ultimate Spider-Man, She-Hulk, Eternals and a couple others (no reason my store loves me). As I said a massive week. Still it really is a lot of decent entertainment for the $$ spent versus many other options.

My e-bay account was compromised and some moron was selling a VW beetle via my name and now I had to change my password to something very obtuse. E-Bay notified me that something was up -so if they knew it was wrong - why was it allowed. Now I have to wait to get a $40 listing fee removed.

1 Right Opinion-Comics is a brand new blog and he has an interesting post on comics. The link is on the sidebar to his blog.

The Ravens are 3-0, but boy is the NFL ever so smart with their parity scheme. There is so little difference between a 6-10 and a 10-6 team, that it makes so many of their games exciting to watch. It is a shame that we now have had nine losing seasons with the Orioles and it is hard to remain hopeful in the face of our ownership.

As I said a rather random blog for today, but I have "work" to do (no real job type work) and then I want to catch Hereos on TV tonight.


  1. Studio 60 was good as well and it comes on after Heroes.

    THE RAVENS nearly gave me a goddamn heart attack. I can't handle that man. *whew!*

    Went to my first day at my new job and have a renewed conviction to finish my book and sell it as soon as possible. lol

    I may be doing an online comic with some friends I met. I will keep you posted.

    New review column should be up in a day or two. NEWS is already up.



  2. Shawn - work can motivate you like that.

    Keep me up to date on the online comic.

  3. I'm glad you still use frell... or I'd feel alone =/

  4. Frelling right I use frell. You mean some people use some other dren?

  5. Heroes was pretty bad until the last ten minutes or so.

    The acting was horrendous at the beginning. Ali Larter's body made up for some of it. But if I had one more person say they always thought they were supposed to be special I was chucking the TV outside of the house.

    The last few minutes though, with the teleporting dude, the flying brothers, and the artist that can tell the future muttering, "we have to stop it" with the nuclear explosion of NY going on, will at least get me to check into the show next week.

    Jsut because it preceeds Studio 60 (a much better and funnier show.)

    I got an idea for a horror/ religious comic about an ex-Army guy trying to protect a boy who may or may not be the son of God from pyscho-religious weirdos.

    I'll let you know how it goes. Working the pitch and the few pages of script as we speak.



  6. apparently so... me, I use frell - and André laughs at me. But I use it anyway.

  7. I have to admit, I would have more hope for Heroes being a decent show if it had appeared elsewhere than network television. I caught a radio ad for it yesterday, and the fact that the cheesy dialogue chosen for the ad made me laugh did not bode well...

    In any event, I'd rather wait, see if the series becomes reasonably successful, then watch it on DVD once season 1 is released. =)

  8. Airelle - After watching the first episode I agree with your idea 100%. I usually wait for the DVD, but gave this a shot and it was just okay.

  9. So if you're waiting for the DVD - does this mean I get to view it when you're done? ;)