Thursday, November 20, 2008

Dan Didio – 15 Questions – A Parody with Apologizes to Newsarama

Interviewer: Let’s start out easy. Have you fired anyone this week?

Dan: If you are talking about Robinson, then you know it was just a fight and he got mad and said he quit, but I got one of the editors to smooth it all out. James is in for the long haul.

Interviewer: So what happened?

Dan: It is the same problem with all of these writers; tell them to make a few changes and they get to be such a prima donna. I mean sure he had already turned in a completed script that had to be totally re-written and yes last week the editor had approved it, but I had a new idea that was just fabulous and it had to be done. So James says he should be paid for both scripts and I said that is ridiculous, why would we do that. Then he said something about this being bullsh*t and I told him to find self love and it just went on from there.

Interviewer: So when an editor approves the script, then you want it totally re-written you don’t pay for it?
Dan: I didn’t approve it yet or maybe I did. No matter next question.

Interviewer: Continuity seems to be a little hard to follow in DC comics at the moment. Trinity, Final Crisis, New Krypton, RIP, JLA, Superman/Batman all appears to be totally different story lines and not tied into a cohesive universe. How does it all tie-in?

Dan: That whole continuity issue is over blown and tying the writers into some sort of artificial continuity is very restrictive. So what we have done is allow each book to build their own continuities and we see what works and what doesn’t seem to work and then pick and choose from there. Eventually it will all tie together, but it may take some time. When Final Crisis ends we will slowly incorporate some of those changes into books where it makes sense. Then as Batman RIP goes forward we will then tie those events into other events as the correlation of plotlines comes together and the grand plan for DC can be seen. So sometimes it may seem confusing, but it is really pretty easy once you see things my way.

Interviewer: Dan the answer really makes no sense whatsoever.

Dan: Okay we have no clue how it all ties together and hope someone can make sense of it down the road. Crap I won’t be here forever you know.

Interviewer: Okay, onto another subject matter. The Battle for the Cowl sounds like a pretty odd way to determine who will take over for Bruce Wayne. Why go this direction?

Dan: Well I’m going to have to take credit for this one. See Grant had some other ideas, but I said remember how great the Countdown Arena was, everyone loves a super hero battle and we can have a bunch of guys fighting to take over. Grant did not seem to like it and I asked three or four other writers to take the job, but none of them had time on their schedule and I was even editing the book. So I told Tony Daniel that we could showcase his heretofore unknown skills as a writer if he did the book and he jumped at the chance for continued employment.

Interviewer: So is Grant still involved in Batman after this is over?

Dan: I love Grant’s work and he is truly one of the best writers of our time and has been a huge help to DC with many of his wonderful ideas. Creative minds like Grant only come along once in a while.

Interviewer: Errr okay. What about the Flash?

Dan: He is great, fastest Man alive, so we gave him to Johns to fix. Funny that Waid and Johns had the book working, and then we screwed it up and now are asking Johns to fix it. Of course by bringing back Barry it makes it all better again. So to do the fastest man alive, we let the slowest artist alive do the boo, Ethan Van Scriver. We hope to get all six issues out by 2012.

Interviewer: So what does this mean for Wally West?

Dan: Let’s face the fans were not buying into the second generation of characters so we decided to give them what they wanted and bring back all the silver age characters. Like how popular Green Lantern is again now that it is Hal Jordan.

Interviewer: Isn’t that a function of a great writer and some strong artistic talent working on the book more then it being Hal Jordan? Couldn’t Kyle have succeeded even more then he did with a strong artist and writer?

Dan: Well there is always that possibility, but it doesn’t mean what we did was wrong, we have really changed everything, by not changing anything at all.

Interviewer: You once said that Identity Crisis, Infinite Crisis and Final Crisis were a trilogy. I maybe a little slow, but I don’t see it. Where is the connection?

Dan: They all have the word Crisis in their title. Boy you are slow.

Interviewer: But a trilogy has an overriding story?

Dan: It is the story of the DC Universe. Come on, you can’t miss it. In Identity Crisis we tried to dirty up all the silver age characters and make it real by having Sue being raped by Dr. Light, then killed by Jean Loring. In Infinite Crisis we brought back the rest of the silver age concepts by redoing the multi-verse. In Final Crisis we are bringing it full circle by destroying the multi-verse and have Identity Crisis be retro-con out of continuity.

Interviewer: Andy Diggle and Jason Aaron are both strong writers working at DC and doing great work for Vertigo. How come you did not give them some DCU work and keep them at DC with an exclusive?

Dan: What the hell is Vertigo? Besides these guys are not friends of anyone in Hollywood and let's face it baby I'm Hollywood bound and need to build all the connections I can.

Interviewer: Now Dan, I’m just asking the questions, but some fans have been very upset with the almost helter skelter way you have things seem to happen at DC. Any comment?

Dan: Do you know how many books we publish and how many characters there are in those books. For god’s sake man how can anyone keep that stuff straight? Get a life people, we will change things the way I see fit and the hell with what anyone else thinks.

Interviewer: Some people have call for you to be fired, how does that make you feel?

Dan: I have an iron clad four year contract and if they fire me tomorrow I get to sit on my ass at home for the next three years and still collect a pay check. Fire away. Hell whaty else do I have to screw up to get my ticket out of here. Do you know how obsessive and maddening these fans are? I could use a vaction.

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