Saturday, November 22, 2008

A Fistful of Reviews: Belated

I'm seeing Twilight on Sunday... although I'm kind of dreading it. It seems to have received decent reviews so far, but honestly I can't imagine that the books will translate all that well to the big screen. Ah well, at least I'm going with others who liked the novel.

Top 10 Season Two #2 (America's Best Comics)

I'm still unsure how much I like this series. With the new creator team it just doesn't feel the same - though I will say they're doing a decent job so far. The art is very enjoyable. I probably just need to let go of the old run and see how the creator team does without holding them to previous standards. We'll see if I can manage.

Terror Titans #2 (DC)

My main problem with this book is that I really liked Ravager as she was with the Titans. At least there is some amount of her personality that's remained intact - such as when she threatened her "students" when Kid Devil was mentioned. I guess I'll just have to see where this goes. I do like Clock King as a villain.

Terra #1 (DC)

This issue did nothing for me. I'm not terribly intrigued, I'm wondering why Power Girl just happened to be around to help Terra out, and I have less of an idea as to where this mini series is going than I did from just reading the solicitation. The art is nice, but as far as story goes I'm not impressed - yet. This still has potential but it was a slow start.

Secret Six #3 (DC)

What an awesome issue. Nothing especially exciting happened until the big reveal at the end, but wow, it was sure fun reading this book. Gail Simone has her character voices down perfectly. Ragdoll is just so creepy and Deadshot's commentary is hilarious. My favorite conversation pieces this issue are attributed to Bane. His continuing concern for Scandal's health was fantastically done. The secret about the card was great too - what villain wouldn't want a get out of hell free card?

House of Mystery #7 (Vertigo)

This continues to be an excellent book. I was interested that they found one of the books Fig's Dad wrote at the beginning of their journey into the basement. It's fairly clear that this escapade is not going to go well but I am curious as to how much more we'll find out about the house and why people become stuck there.

Final Crisis: Resist (DC)

I was highly entertained by Cheetah in this book. I think this is the first time I've actually liked Cheetah as a character. I was, however, unaware that Snapper Carr was a member of Checkmate - and a meta human nonetheless. Sheesh, where have I been? As a side note, I still have next to know idea how any of this Final Crisis stuff ties in with main continuity.

Vixen: Return of the Lion #2

Huh, I'm actually beginning to like the character of Vixen. I wonder when that happened. Certainly not in JLA. Anyway, this has been a decent mini series so far, but what I really love about this book is the cover art - absolutely gorgeous color work!

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