Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Fistful of Reviews: Belated

I spent a majority of Tuesday organizing my comics. I think we got through maybe an eighth of them - and that was with people helping me. I should just organize them once a month - it'd be easier.

Legion of Superheroes #47 (DC)

I both loved and hated this issue. I loved the fact that Brainiac 5 proposed to Dream Girl, that was fantastic. I think it was one of the best and most intriguing moves in a Legion comic book in a very long time. Also, it advanced my favorite Legionnaire's storyline. I hated that they took a happy story and had to darken it with tragedy - and one that Brainy blames himself for even though he actually saved Nura. I hope Projectra gets her ass kicked.

Final Crisis: Rage of the Red Lanterns (DC)

The best part of this book was the adorable rage kitty of death. I dearly hope he's a reoccurring character. Best laugh I've had in weeks.

Giant-size X-Men First Class (Marvel)

I was disappointed in this. I miss the ongoing series as one, I didn't really enjoy all the art in here and I had become attached to the team on the series, and two, the stories weren't all that great. It's like they dumbed things down a bit. *sigh*

Madame Xanadu #5 (Vertigo)

This was a good issue. I like how we keep following Madame Xanadu through her different encounters with the Phantom stranger as this allows the creator team to jump through time. The artwork continues to impress me. This issue leaves our heroine in jail during the French Revolution fallout. I am excited to find out what happens next.

Proof #13 (Image)

I'm not sure why but this seemed like a short issue to me. I'll be happy when the main characters are in the same place again because with all the back and forth neither storyline is advancing all that quickly. Still, just one slow issue in an otherwise well done series is fine by me.

Teen Titans #64 (DC)

I'm kind of enjoying this story arc with Cassandra and her dysfunctional family (mom excepted). While I'm not a huge fan of Teen Titans these days I do like having Blue Beetle around. Also, Cassie struggling with her nephew for her powers makes for a fun story. I am kind of curious why Zeus isn't helping mor- oh right! He's a nass head. Got it.

Swallowing Darkness by Laurell K. Hamilton

I'm not really sure why I gave LKH another chance after the Anita Blake novels went from being cool vampire slayer books to degenerate sex novels, but I did. I have to say, while there are a few risque bedroom scenes, overall this book was very well done. I believe this book wraps up the series (of course it could just go on and on past a perfectly good ending point) and if that 's the case I ended up enjoying these stories of a human faerie princess and the men she falls in love with. There was even a happily ever after, but the best part in these stories is how the main character finally learns to stand on her own. Of course the irony is that as soon as she gains the ability to become a strong ruler she walks away from her right to rule in favor of love.

Dexter Season One

So quite a few of my friends had been bugging me to try this series out but I honestly wasn't interested. Then one of those friends came over, popped it in the DVD player, and insisted. At first I still wasn't too thrilled - on the whole I prefer main characters to essentially be good guys. Sure, Dexter only kills bad guys, but he still torments them and then chops them into little pieces. Even so, by the end of the season the character grew on me a bit. I may even give second season a try as my friend mentioned he'd lend it out.


  1. Gwen,

    I've been in the process of inventorying my books over the last month using I opted for the $$ service (about $44/yr). If you've got a large collection it's worth it (includes trades and HCs too). I've logged in over 6000 books so far. I think I'm just over half-way. The default condition is 9.4, but you can change it. So, it gives you the value of your collection (as a whole, by publisher, by title, by issue).

    I really like the "box" feature -- so you will know where everything is. It also can give you a Have list and a Have Not list. Of course, you can make your own Want list.

    It's taking me a long time, because I only can work on it while holding Matthew Jr. when he'll sleep on my arm, but not in his crib. So, it's all one-handed. At five weeks, he's now 11 lbs!

    Would you consider buying and reviewing Amazing Spider-Girl sometime? It's a worthy book. I think May is one of the strongest characters out there. The book is a lot of fun too. Maybe you could do one of your creative team interviews, plus you might actually help save the series. Please!

  2. Vaneta Rogers11/15/2008 9:03 AM

    The "rage kitty of death" is Shane Davis' cat. :)