Wednesday, November 26, 2008


As you may or may not know, the holidays have arrived! The Thanksgiving holiday is this week to be exact. Not that you would know by the amount of Christmas decorations and commercials.

ANYWAY, I always liked Thanksgiving because of the eating and family. But, mostly because of the eating. It wasn’t until I got older and had a family of my own that I realized how much more than eating Thanksgiving was. Yeah, it’s about eating but I realized my best memories of Thanksgiving involved my family, including first, second, and even third cousins. The food was just the gravy on the family get together. It’s taken a long time but I realized that Thanksgiving is about getting together and enjoying the important people in your life.

Over the last few years, Thanksgiving seems to have gotten marginalized. I think it’s because Thanksgiving is still a pure holiday untainted by money and greed. It’s the one holiday that “They” haven’t been able to commercialize.

Christmas has, unfortunately, morphed into a giant marketing machine and They have slowly been doing the same to Halloween. Besides costumes for the kids, you can now buy Halloween lights, Halloween inflatable lawn ornaments, and just about everything under the full moon Halloween. But, somehow, They haven’t been able to commercialize Thanksgiving. I’m surprised someone hasn’t marketed rubber turkey lights but I’m glad no one has. I have one of those neighbors that would decorate his tree with rubber turkeys if he thought it was festive enough.

But, because They haven’t been able to commercialize it, They have tried to marginalize it. It seems to me that people are forgetting about Thanksgiving.

If case you have forgotten, remember that Thanksgiving is about all those special people in your life. Even if you don’t see them, don’t forget to call.

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  1. Excellent post Lee!

    What time should I expect your call tomorrow? (Just kidding).