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Indies Preview Review for March Part 1 of 3

Lee: Last month’s selections were a little sparse because of the holidays but I’m feeling the love again. That’s right, I feel like picking lots and lots of pointless books… ummm I mean books with lots of “upside”. YAHOOOOO, on with the show.
Jim: The indies are always an expensive post for me because I end up wanting too many of these, but let's see what this month brings.

Ursula GN (W) Fábio Moon (A) Gabriel Bá
Once upon a time, there was a story, a 'love story.' Different listeners will hear different things from the love story. For some, it might be a tale of journeys, rites of passage, battles won and foes vanquished, and happily-ever-after. For other listeners, it might be a story about dreams and desires - for all is simple, beautiful, and magical when you're young and in love. $9.95
Lee: I’m not sure how I missed this book but it’s an older book which is ‘available again.’ In case you were living under a rock, Moon and Bá are the art team on both Casanova and Umbrella Academy. As an art guy, I can never get enough of their stuff so I’ll likely get this. And, if your interested, Moon and Bá have a blog here
Jim: I'm a story guy and this is a pass for me.

Adhouse Books
And There You Are GN (W/A) Ronnie del Carmen
Xar artist Ronnie del Carmen documents the life of fan-favorite muse Nina within the pages of And There You Are. It's a story of the real and the imagined told via journals and art. Some might recall Nina from Ronnie's previous works in the Paper Biscuit series. Ronnie del Carmen is a story supervisor at xar Animation studios and has worked on Finding Nemo, Ratatouille, WALL-e and UP. He's been in comics for many years with an Eisner Award to show for it. (Best Single issue of 1995, Batman Adventures Holiday Special.) He's done work for DC, Dark Horse, AdHouse and continues a career as, designer, storyteller and children's book illustrator. $15.00 Visit Ronnie at his site here and his blog here.
Lee: I really like Ronnie’s art. Adhouse always has interesting offerings and this looks like a fine line between art book and story book.
Jim: Another book that I will pass on. When I read the solicitation it has to grab me and this solicitation is pushing the creator and not the story.

Alterna Comics Inc
American Terror Vol. 02 GN (W/A) Jeff McComsey
Victor Sheppard is an old man in a new world. He remembers a time when he couldn't be bought, fighting to save a world where everything was for sale. Victor recalls his first association with Homer Hegal (the original Smart Bomb), their journey across America recruiting true believers, and their mission: to level the playing field between newly-empowered corporate states and the developing nations that stood in their way. $7.95 Visit the artist with an 18 page preview here
Lee: A long time ago, I picked up Vol 01 of this series and I liked it. It was a neat little book that I really didn’t think would succeed. I know that’s negative but with smaller publishers you always wonder if a second issue will arrive. Well, I’m glad that it did and I’m looking forward to another installment in the story.
Jim: If has been that long between issues they should reissue it as a graphic novel and be done with it. That is always one danger of following smaller press books, no clue if the next issue will come out. Infinite Horizon from Image was a good book and I think it only made it halfway through the series.

Ardden Entertainment
Flash Gordon Vol. 01: Mercy Wars HC (W) Brendan Deneen (A) Paul Green
Discover what all the buzz is about! This beautiful hardcover collects issues #1-6 of Ardden Entertainment's critically acclaimed new Flash Gordon monthly series, and includes the almost-impossible-to-find issue #0. In this first arc of the new series, Flash, CIA Agent Dale Arden, and mad scientist Dr. Hans Zarkov rocket off to the planet Mongo and find themselves in the middle of a deadly civil war with none other than Ming the 'Merciful' at the center of the conflict! Available in Regular and Remarked Signed editions. Hardcover W/Dustjacket $24.99
Lee: Apparently everyone is releasing books to HC these days. I’m not sure this series earned enough buzz to warrant a $25 hc. I was interested but at this price I can find the back issues cheaper than this collection.
Jim: Flash Gordon is one character that I never got that interested in.

Avatar Press Inc
Rawbone #1(W) Jamie Delano (A) Max Fiumara
Jamie Delano cuts loose on a vicious rate tale, delivering a bloody, terrifying vision of a world on the high-seas! But these are not the family friendly kind, these are the roughneck, stealing, heartless bastards of the 17th century Caribbean. A rebellious young women named La Sirena has built a haven for rates called Puerto de los Suenos (Port of Dreams). It is a good life for those that want to live outside of the crushing boot heel of the Church of England. But the church is a powerful enemy. It expends a lot of its llaged wealth to bring about the downfall of the rate scum who are preying upon merchant vessels. Thus, the legend of La Sirena's life will begin, one drip of blood at a time, while the British garrison waits for the rate to slip into their ambush, tension building as seeming supernatural forces ck off the forces of law one by one, and imagination runs terror through the survivor's veins. With art by Max Fiumara (BlackGas), this is a dark story of misery not be missed and is available with a regular cover fully-painted by Felipe Massafera and a wraparound by Max Fiumara.
Jim: Avatar loves the blood and gore type stories, but it is nice to see that they are expanding their line with work by writers other then Warren Ellis and Garth Ennis. I’m onboard (pun intended) for this series.
Lee: I’m pretty much done with the guts and gore. I am impressed that Avatar has managed to go from good girl stories to gore stories. I’m still not interested but I’m impressed they could do it.

Steven Grant's Mortal Souls SC (W) Steven Grant (A) Jacen Burrows
Human beings are a merger of body and soul, but the two don't die at the same rate. Sometimes one outlives the other. When a soul outlives its body, we call it a ghost. We have no word for what happens when a body outlives its soul, but the Hebrew Qabalists did. That word is 'qelipoth': meaning, literally, the husks of the dead. Pursuing an unpredictable killer, police detective Eric Sharpe watches his life turn into a waking nightmare as he gains 'the sight' and he discovers Qelipoth not only exist, but they are everywhere. And now they want him dead. Previews here
Jim: This maybe an old series or it maybe new, but I have never seen it and I like the slightly different take on Zombies. Plus Steven Grant is a solid writer and Jacen Burrows is a good artist.
Lee: This is a relist but that’s ok. I don’t remember that much about it but I’m not a huge fan of Avatar.

Boom! Studios
Cars #1 (W) Alan J. Porter (A) Albert Carreres
Cars fans, start your engines! Before the big Dinoco 400 race, rookie sensation Lightning McQueen is interviewed by Darrel Cartrip. Full of braggadocio, McQueen reveals his scrappy origins as 'Bulldozer' McQueen - a local short track racer who dreams of the big time, and recklessly plows his way through the competition to get there! Features 2 covers by Allen Gladfelter. Available with two covers (both by Allen Gladfelter) which will be sent randomly unless ordered as a set. #1 of 4 $2.99

Incredibles #1 (W) Mark Waid (A) Marcio Takara
America's favorite family of superheroes finally returns, courtesy of legendary scribe Mark Waid (The Flash)! The Incredibles face terrifying new villains and friendly new neighbors, all while Mr. Incredible hides a troubling secret from his costumed clan. Ships with four connecting cover variants by acclaimed artist Michael Avon Oeming! A variant cover is available as part of a set of 26 copies (25 regular covers and 1 variant). #1 of 4. $2.99

Muppet Show #1 (W/A) Roger Langridge
The incomparable Roger Langridge (Doctor Who, Fred The Clown) brings his absurdist humor to The Muppet Show stage! Longing for the swamp, Kermit forlornly plucks his banjo, while Miss ggy, Fozzie, Gonzo, and the entire gang tries to jolly him out of his funk. Packed full of madcap skits and gags, The Muppet Show is sure to please old and new fans alike. Available with two covers (both by Roger Langridge) which will be sent randomly unless ordered as a set. #1 of 4. $2.99
Lee: We’ve been fans of Boom! studios for a long time but they continue to amaze me. This is quite the coup to get Cars, Incredibles, AND the Muppet Show licensing. I, for one, am impressed. Then Boom! has Mark Waid writing Incredibles.. which is incredible. And, Roger Langridge, a personal favorite, doing Muppets. This looks to be very good indeed. And because I love Langrdige, go visit him here and see why he’s a perfect fit for the Muppets
Jim: I'm very happy to see BOOM doing these books. First because licensce deals usually help keep companies making money and allow them to do other things and second because I know BOOM will repect this properties.

Farscape: Strange Detractors #1 (cover A)
(W) Rockne S. O'Bannon, Keith R.A. DeCandido (A) Will Sliney Television's science fiction masterpiece Farscape continues! After the events on Hyneria, the crew of Moya find themselves in the midst of a new, mysterious menace. But the crew will learn that their greatest enemies might just be themselves! With covers by Joe Corroney and Dennis Calero.
Jim: I have enjoyed the first issue of the first mini-series, so I’m very happy to see that this should be a series of mini-series.
Lee: It’s good to see this survived. I wasn’t sure that there was enough of an audience to support it but I was wrong.

Classwar Series 1 Collected ed. HC (W) Rob Williams (A) Trevor Hairsine, Travel Foreman
Enola Gay - A team of super-powered heroes, created by the US government as instruments of American foreign policy, help bring order to a chaotic world. But, all is not well. American, the figurehead of the team, is AWOL and angry as hell, posing a major security alert to both the President and the entire nation. But why? What made this national hero take such drastic action and turn his back on the country that made him? And how can the government bring him in without revealing the bloody truth behind their seat of power? This premium, hardcover edition collects all six issues from the critically-acclaimed miniseries, voted 'Wizard's Indie Superhero Comic Of The Year 2002". Featuring an exclusive new story written by Rob Williams with art by Trevor Hairsine, plus lots of exciting extras! Hardcover W/Dustjacket $24.99 Visit Com.X here and see lots of previews and hype
Lee: Believe it or not I think I still have the original issues to these books in my collection somewhere. I remember liking the art and being confused by the story. Obviously, the draw for this book is Hairsine’s art but I’m not sure I ready to spend $25 on it. BUT, if Com.X does a hardcover of Neil Googe’s Bazooka Jules then I am all over that.
Jim: I also may have picked up an issue of this book, but also would be unwilling to pay for a hard cover. Well so far this month has not cost me too much money.


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