Monday, January 05, 2009

Reflection: 2008

Seeing how Jim is here with me in Florida at the moment I'll be taking care of todays' post. This is a overview of a few of my favorites from this past year.

The Phoenix Requiem

Sarah Ellerton continues to amaze with her beautifully illustrated ghost story. The thing I love about so many webcomics is how stories actually advance. Sarah tell this great story which keeps the readers guessing about what's going to happen next. Her main cast of characters are both intriguing and well developed. This story has gotten especially interesting as even the non believer of the cast begins to see shades and spirits and has to recognize that there's more going on than science can explain. Reading the Monday/Thursday updates is something I look forward to every week.

Superman: Brainiac story arc

Geoff Johns did a fantastic job with the story that led up to the New Krypton developments. I felt that this story was not only a major turning point in Superman's story (especially with the death of his father) but Johns also managed to morph Supergirl into a better character. Brainiac himself was very well portrayed and Kara's back story involving Brainiac makes everything that happens have an even larger impact. This was the best major story arc from DC this year.


This is a book that came out of the blue. I had no idea what it was going to be about and ended up absolutely loving it. I have no idea where this book will take me from issue to issue and that's fascinating. On top of intricate story lines, fantastical places and espionage there is what looks to be the makings of an epic love story. I can't wait to see where this story goes next. This book has only had a few issues for the year but even so it stands out as one of my favorite books.


Terry Moore's newest comic has been a favorite for me since day one. The main character, Julie, has some major issues in her life that quickly take a back seat when a strange metal attaches itself to her body. Julie's struggle to figure out what's happening to her are only multiplied now that the voice of the previous wearer of the metal is beginning to speak through her. This is a genre crossing story so it's fairly accessible to a large group of readers making it even more appealing (at least for me because than I can lend it out to my friends).

The Legion of Superheores

The Legion remains the end all and be all of great superhero comics. Long live the Legion!

Madame Xanadu

When this book was first solicited I found it to be an interesting idea but it was so much more than that. Not only is the art stunning but the story is an intricate journey through time. Also, as Jim has pointed out to me, this is one of the few (maybe only) Vertigo books that makes use of mainstream DC continuity which adds a certain flavor to the book as it's history is also fleshing out the history of mainstream DCU. Madame Xanadu's origin has been a lot of fun to follow so far and I'm looking forward to picking up this first arc in trade format one day.

I Kill Giants

This has been a heartwarming, adventurous and mysterious story so far. The main characters are very real as are the Giants of the title. At least in an emotional sense. The story keeps you guessing while leading you on an engaging trip through one little girl's personal trauma. I's also have to say that this is the best mini series of the year.

Red String

I think the thing I enjoy the most about this webcomic is Gina Bigg's love for her characters. While she puts them through all kinds of trials and tribulations she never fails to remain true to the heart of who they are. Even now with her two main characters possibly on the brink of tragedy when it comes to their relationship I can't help but marvel at how well everything plays out. Nothing is forced in her story and Gina tells a very realistic tale of love and hardship - that could happen to anyone.

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