Friday, February 05, 2010

A Fistful of Reviews

Here is one review for a comic that haven't hit the stand yet followed by two reviews/updates on my favorite webcomics. I included a link to both Red String and The Phoenix Requiem so you can read them if you are interested.

Aladdin: Legacy of the Lost #1 (Radical)

This is a new comic coming out from Radical Comics. It is the first issue of a three part mini-series roughly based off of Aladdin and the Magic Lamp (1001 Arabian Nights). While the story is familiar to most Americans (thanks to the Disney movie if not the original work) Radical's version offers a darker reality for Aladdin. Much of the setup in this issue feel familiar but the ending does leave you wanting to read more as the first issue pulls you in with nostalgia and then hits you with a jarring break from the well known plot. The art is pretty good but it's a bit too polished - especially in regards to the people. The come across as - well, for lack of a better word - shiny. Beyond that I really liked the flow of the art. The scenery was gorgeous when it wasn't just a vague backdrop. I especially liked the starry landscapes. Bottom line: check this book out, it looks like it should be a fun mini-series.

Red String (Strawberry Comics - Gina Biggs)

Gina Biggs has had some fairly major changes in her webcomic since the last time I mentioned it. In some ways it's been awful to read through some of the recent story as I've really come to empathize with the characters and the main character has gone through a lot of painful changes. I applaud Gina for taking such risks with her story - risks that mainsteam comics avoid like the plague. She actually broke up her main character's romance which was the foundation of her story from the beginning. Gina changed the status quo and has still managed to tell an intriguing story. She has challenged her readers to look beyond their expectations for the characters and now we are left with the uncertainty that anything can happen in this comic. I love that what started put as a pretty typical love story has so become unpredictable.

Sarah Ellerton has jumped ahead with this story. I am used to mainstream comics where it can take months - even years! - to learn the secrets of the plot. While there is still plenty left unanswered in this story Sarah has changed the relationships of the main characters and has revealed much of the mystery behind her main plot device - Jonas. Recently she has her characters split up and pursuing different agendas. Her art is gorgeous as always. I also love the fact that she starts her webcomics with an ending already in mind. As always I encourage people to check her comic out if you haven't already.

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